238: How men and women can reduce hormonal imbalances and optimize their health | PMS, fertility, inflammation and testosterone - Monica Yates

238: How men and women can reduce hormonal imbalances and optimize their health | PMS, fertility, inflammation and testosterone

BY Monica Yates

Today I am talking about balancing your hormones, this is an episode that men also need to listen to because men have hormones too. We always talk about and female hormones, I feel like women’s hormones are more obvious in a way because we have a cycle, we have a period, we get PMS (which isn’t normal bit is common). For men, because they have a 24-hour cycle and they don’t have a period it’s easier to hide from their hormones. It’s common for men to forget that they have hormones that they need to balance and it’s easy for women to forget that men have hormones they need to balance. I am going to talk a little bit about PMS today but I also want to talk about seven top foods that I love to incorporate as much as I can into my diet that help with balancing hormones.


  1. Eggs, I eat eggs every morning and they are a really important food to have in your diet. Eggs are really high in folate, B vitamins, antioxidants and trace minerals which are all things that are important for healthy fertility and a healthy baby. Men also need to eat for healthy fertility and a healthy baby because the baby is half the man. Pasture raised eggs are also high in vitamin A which is crucial for the production of sex hormones and fertility in men and women. A note on vitamin A, a lot of people think that beta carotene, found in vegetables is enough vitamin A. Beta carotene found in vegetables does not get converted into enough vitamin A to actually sustain your body.
  2. Liver is also high in vitamin A which is essential for reproduction. Liver is a good source of vitamin B which supports your adrenal glands by preventing the breakdown of too much dopamine and serotonin during stressful times enabling us to feel happier and more energized. It is also a great source of vitamin K which is essential for vitamin D getting into your cells.
  3. Raw cacao is the raw part of the cacao bean. It is full of magnesium which is the number one thing for improving PMS symptoms. Our soil is very magnesium deficient so without taking that daily you won’t be in optimal health.
  4. Turmeric is great for anyone suffering with heavy periods and clots, for reducing stress and for lowering inflammation in your body. Please make sure that you are getting high dose turmeric tablets.
  5. Omega 3 and saturated fats from olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds and coconut oil are all crucial for your period and for helping your hormones to be balanced. Fats are so necessary because fats are what creates your sex hormones.
  6. Animal fat from healthy animals provide the building blocks for cell membranes and hormones. Fat plays a vital role in the absorption of vitamins A,D,E and K.
  7. Get rid of the dairy, dairy produces a lot of inflammation in the body. A lot of dairy is pumped with hormones, those are terrible for you hormones. All of the xenoestrogens from the hormones cause your body to have an excess of oestrogen.

Let’s talk about PMS, why do so many women get PMS and what do we do about it? One of the most common things when I am doing energetic work with clients to help with their cycle, their endo, their PCOS or their PMS is there is trauma from Mum and Dad, bullies, past partners, stuck energy, and wounds held in their ovaries. Because of this, the signals aren’t the clearest. What happens is that we are having these stress response going off in the body which is causing a cascade of events, some being hormonal imbalances.

As a woman on your left side, you hold stuff around feminine and femininity, mum, sisterhood wounding and in your right ovary you hold stuff from men. I see a lot of women with PMS, and this is the issue. They have gone to the energy clearers, the women’s circles and taken all the supplements but they still have this raging PMS until I do the energy clearing with them and then their done.

Your sexual trauma will absolutely be affecting your hormones. In your luteal phase your sexual trauma can be coming up because your hormones aren’t balanced. This causes mood swings causing you to be more sensitive which causes more of your trauma to make itself known because you can’t push it down. This puts you into a stress response because your body is eliciting the response as if your trauma is happening again even when it’s not so then your adrenals get depleted which causes your progesterone to decrease, your oestrogen to increase which basically keeps you in this vicious cycle because you haven’t healed your trauma.

If women aren’t embracing their femininity, it will impact their oestrogen and progesterone levels. We want a healthy amount and perfect balance of hormones but our cycle, our period and our womb is the essence of our femininity. When we shame our femininity or we think less of it we are holding that energy in our womb, cycle, vagina, and fallopian tubes causing you to have an energetic disruption which can cause painful periods.

Monica x

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