235: Roe v Wade Q+As | Where is abortion legal still? What does this mean for plan B pill? How do I trust my body? - Monica Yates

235: Roe v Wade Q+As | Where is abortion legal still? What does this mean for plan B pill? How do I trust my body?

BY Monica Yates

Today I am answering your questions that have come up from the episode that I did regarding Roe V. Wade, I have gotten my research from reputable articles but encourage you to do your own research also.


Q1: Can abortions still be done for medical reasons such as high-risk pregnancy?

A: You have to look at state by state, the specifics of the law in each state is different, see this article for state by state laws https://www.politico.com/news/2022/07/06/abortion-laws-states-roe-overturned-00044127

Q2:  What about the ‘Morning After Pill’(MAP) being limited for sale?

A:  From what I have read, the MAP will not be banned because it is different form an abortion. In the case of an abortion, there has been conception and there is a foetus inside the womb. The MAP actually delays ovulation and is not classed as an abortion and as such is still available at the time of recording. It is important to know your cycle as if you have already ovulated it will not be effective.

Q3: What are my thoughts on abortions?

A: I am pro abortions, I am not pro having them as a form of birth control, I think they should be a last resort, but I am very pro-choice. I also think that birthing children into the world who do not feel welcomed or wanted is traumatising for the parents and for the child.

Q4: How to not get pregnant without birth control?



Q5:  What can happen if women still practice unsafe abortions?

A: There are so many things that can happen, the woman can die, the baby can become sick or deformed and unsafe abortions can also cause long term impacts on the woman such as infertility.

Q6: What are your thoughts on some women claiming that a small foetus isn’t ‘life’ yet?

A: I think that it is life, you literally have something growing in your womb space. However, there is so much more to consider in somebodies’ life. If someone’s life isn’t worth living, that isn’t life.

Q7:  Should we delete period tracking apps in case info is not confidential anymore?

A: You need to read the terms and conditions of each app. The Flo app, for example has stated that they will remain confidential. I still have my period tracking app, but I wouldn’t track information like pregnancy or abortion.

Q8: How many hours around ovulation can you not have sex to avoid pregnancy?

A: I can’t tell you in hours but you need to understand when you ovulate and if you want to be safe, five days before ovulation and one day after ovulation either don’t have sex, use a condom or use the pull out method.

Q9: What can we do to support women with unwanted pregnancy?

A: Being a safe space, making it an open conversation and really understanding that your opinion on abortions is not the only opinion.

Q10: How men are the perpetrators of abortion by coming inside women.

A: This is something that I do not like has come up in conversation. Rape, incest and unwanted is a different story. But you are half of the equation, if you have sex with your partner and have an unwanted pregnancy you cannot blame the other person.

Q11: Can you talk about the fear it creates around having sex and sexual energy as a whole?

A: I completely get it, it can make you want to hide so that you dint feel desirable, start dating a beautiful man and accidently get pregnant. Us shutting ourselves down is what they want, don’t do it. Get empowered, trust your body, and trust the wisdom of being a woman. Don’t give into the fear, the anger, or the chaos it will just leave you miserable. Instead, come back to you.

Monica x

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