234: Did I give up on NYC? | Grounding in Atlanta, Quantum leaps and moving for love - Monica Yates

234: Did I give up on NYC? | Grounding in Atlanta, Quantum leaps and moving for love

BY Monica Yates

This episode is all about how I am navigating this new season of my life. I grew up in New York and it is the only city in the world that felt like home so moving back to New York as an adult felt so good. I had my dream apartment, in the Jenga building, Tribeca and worked with an interior designer to fit it out, it felt so good to make it mine. Then, I met the man of my dreams who lives in Atlanta. We would fly up and down constantly to be together and it got to the point where we were becoming exhausted and emotionally fatigued. The two of us not being together didn’t work, us having two very separate lives didn’t work, we were meant to be blended from the get-go. The more time I spent in Atlanta the more I was able to realise how stressed New York was making me. I love New York but I run a business where I am dealing with intensity every day with my clients, beyond that I have admin, manage a team, do content, the podcast, two dogs and all of these extra things and I was feeling stressed all of the time. I had already decided because of these factors that I wanted to move, then one day we were sitting on a chair lift and my man said “Babe, I need you to move to Atlanta.”


So now we are in this crazy transition phase of buying a house together, getting a mortgage and navigating the fact that my SNN has been held up. There have been a lot of hurdles for us to get through and it can be really exhausting, it doesn’t mean that anything is wrong, it’s just a lot.  I have cried so many times in the last six weeks, moving is one of the most traumatic things that humans go through. It is so ungrounding, you are uprooting your home which is the place you should feel safest. When you uproot your home, you lose that sense of safety and so regardless of the reason, moving is hard for everyone.

I have only ever wanted to move back to New York, since the day we left, it felt like I was almost giving up when I decided on this move. I have had to go through my brain, reflect and do a lot of work on myself for this new phase to understand that I wasn’t giving up on New York. It’s not that New York isn’t my home because it is one of my homes but what I was able to realise was that there is actually a dream beyond New York, and I hadn’t seen it before and I saw that dream when I met him.

Sometimes what you once desired happens and this whole new perspective and world of possibilities open up to you because you are in this new energetic field. When you’re in this new reality, your manifestations and desires might change. There is nothing wrong with your future vision of yourself and your life evolving, it’s just that you have now realised the dream beyond the dream.

Every time I flew back into New York and drove into the city I got this soul nourishing, heart fluttering, exhale feeling. Towards the end of my time living in New York, I stopped getting that feeling. I started to get this feeling when I flew into Atlanta because I realised that home can be a person.

Monica x

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