232: Abortions & Feeling empowered during Roe v. Wade - Monica Yates

232: Abortions & Feeling empowered during Roe v. Wade

BY Monica Yates

Today we are going to talk about abortion, Roe v. Wade and the influence that these things have on us as women.  Regardless of the reason of your abortion, terminating a pregnancy is a very emotionally challenging thing for you to go through. I have had clients come to me after an abortion who are unsure why they are feeling the way that they are because they backed themselves 100%. I want to normalise that every single woman is going to feel those emotions, if you are struggling with that please join Queen Alchemy to be able to let go of the guilt or shame or whatever you are holding onto from this experience.


So firstly let’s talk about Roe v. Wade, I don’t support it and I think it is the most stupid thing ever. Please read all of this without anger and bitterness, I don’t want you to jump down my throat before I finish as there are many things touch on so please read the entire blog. Essentially, the decision of whether abortions are legal and to what degree is now up to each state.

What is important to understand is that women are going to have abortions no matter what. What will now happen is that the women who cannot afford to fly out of state or wait on a waitlist are going to die or engage in unhealthy and unsafe ways of terminating a pregnancy. I cannot think of one positive repercussion from the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

One thing that I noticed after the overturn of Roe v. Wade was an influx of hate towards men. It is so important to understand that hating men will not make us feel more empowered as women. Hating men will not make the law change or change the decisions of those politicians. It is not men who we need to be shaming, hating, or pointing the finger at when it comes to the law change on abortions, it’s the politicians who decided to make a choice for women. In order for you to trust and love your femininity you have to trust and love the masculine. We want to feel like men are there to protect and provide for us because they are, when we let them.

Please do not start to not trust your body. I personally have found that the more that I trust my body, the less I have been worried about falling pregnant accidentally. For the women who are afraid of getting pregnant, the more that I have done the inner work and done all of the trauma healing, that has allowed me to trust my body and my intuition more. Because I am not on hormonal birth control, it allows me to trust my body because my intuition is not being blocked or influenced by anything else and I actually have a normal cycle.

Hormonal birth control has been painted as feminism and women empowerment and that isn’t true. It is women passing their power over to someone else to tell them what they can and cannot do and how their body should work. If you want to feel empowered, learn the fertility awareness method, understand your body, trust your body signals, and know your cycle. THAT is women empowerment.

Monica x

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