226: Talking transformative, healing sex with Jamie Rea | What masculine men need, what it takes for a man to commit and what emasculation feels like - Monica Yates

226: Talking transformative, healing sex with Jamie Rea | What masculine men need, what it takes for a man to commit and what emasculation feels like

BY Monica Yates

In today’s episode I spoke with Jamie Rea a Relationship & Transformation Coach, Award-Winning Screenwriter, Filmmaker, Storyteller, Comedian and Comedy Writer. Jamie combines a deeply somatic and energetic approach to his coaching and healing work that helps move clients into deeper levels of integration and release inside the body, helping clients to unlock their power, claim their voice and connect deeply to their greatest soul potential.


I believe that there is nothing sexier than a man who really commits to a woman, I asked Jamie what it takes for a man to be in that space and to claim a woman. Jamie explained that it is about emptying the vesicle, ultimately emptying charges of karma. What we are seeing collectively is that we are at a threshold where karma is being revealed and coming to the surface. When karma (which is basically stuck energy) comes to the surface, you either let your light burn or you find your heart in a deeper way. We can stay the same and our life can get harder or we can move into a new frequency. What does it take for a man to commit? It is karma course correction. To have the clarity that allows one to commit, they have to have a deep trust in themselves so that they can penetrate that energy from a place where there are no energetic leaks.


What holds men back from fully committing to themselves? A lot of the time, guys don’t want to do things unless they know they are going to succeed at them. That applies to relationships too, a guy is going to want to be in a certain place where he knows he will successful. Ultimately what allows men to feel successful is a big self-discovery.


I asked Jamie about men always giving to the point where they deplete themselves and the concept of having sex without orgasm. He said that this concept is an energetic frequency that when you’re having sex it’s almost like this bliss or pleasure that is totally encompassing the space. You know that you are having really transformative sex where it’s healing you and expanding you into spiritual transcendence at the same time.


I believe too that when you’re having sex with the right person it is such a healing experience and it is such a healing container as a woman to be able to let go and receive.


I asked Jamie what a masculine man looks for in a woman. He explained that a big thing for him with his partner was patience. A lot of us need someone to be patient with us to love us, giving us the space to come into our own within the relationship. Equal parts compassion and nurturing but also challenge. Challenge to call me forward in certain areas. There is nothing more romantic than going on this life-long journey with someone where both of you individually are becoming and learning how to be your best selves. That requires a relationship that has the safety for that growth to happen through space.

Monica x

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