225 My journey with manifestation and building wealth - Monica Yates

225 My journey with manifestation and building wealth

BY Monica Yates

Today we are talking about my journey with manifestation and building wealth. I remember sitting at my desk in Sydney with New York on my vision board and I achieved that dream in less than three years. Now I have this opportunity to expand and achieve my dream beyond the dream. I am so excited for this new chapter but I would be lying if I said that this change hasn’t also been a challenge. I realised that the old version of myself got me here and now I need to believe that I can get me there.


I left Sydney in August 2019, I went to Aspen for a month, I moved to London for a year and had the worst time but kept my head high. I Left London and had a great time in Tulum, moved back to New York and got my dream apartment. I have had the most incredible year here, I have met the man of my dreams and now I get to go and live my best life with him. As amazing as this sounds, when you’re up leveling and your manifestations are coming in there is also a grieving process that needs to happen. There is also a process where manifestation can feel really hard and challenging. I don’t want to sugar coat manifestation or for you to think that manifestation is as easy as writing a few words in a journal and they come true, that’s not what it is always like. What is important is that you know, believe and trust that it is happening better than you can imagine.


Something that people often overlook is that your physical body heavily influences your energetic body. When you are looking after your physical body that’s going to help your energetic body. The last thing that you want to be doing when you are stressed and trying to manifest something is eating shit food or not exercising or not keeping up with your selfcare. Even those tiny things can really elevate your frequency. Manifestation is not just the big things, it’s also the little tiny steps that you take every day that allow you to attract in those big things.


On my journey with manifestation, building the feeling of wealth and always elevating that wealth frequency my number one lesson is that big changes, taking risks and going all in comes with a lot of tears, grief and sadness but also there is so much beyond that which you can’t even imagine which is why it feels scary. It feels scary because your brain can’t cling on to knowing what the next thing is, you don’t feel like you have that security and this is where the trust comes in. Can you let go of not knowing that next thing because you trust the universe? This trust is what I am having to tap into now for this next chapter that isn’t completely known. Taking big risks, getting outside of my comfort zone and being open to big changes have been the most key and profound things when it comes to continuously expanding and getting so much in a small amount of time.


The second thing that has been crucial to my manifestation journey is investing in yourself in different forms that scare you. Investments in terms of mentors, coaches and things that stretch you outside your comfort zone. You want to be scared by your investments so you actually show up for it. Investing in yourself also applies to houses, clothes, naturopaths and food, these things allow you to expand and get closer and closer to the version of yourself that you want to be. If you don’t want to invest in yourself it’s because you don’t fucking value yourself. The other thing for me is that I always let my environment expand me. I know that my environment heavily influences me, my business and my mood and so I choose to invest in my environment.


Right before I got my dream apartment I got knocked back from a different apartment and when I secured the Jenga Building I knew that it all happened because something better was coming. Trust that you are always being led and that everything is happening for the highest good. Even if your ego and your brain can’t make sense of it.


So, the next step is to move to Atlanta and I am sure that in the near future I will be telling you all of the manifestations that have happened because of this move but at the moment it just feels like I am stepping into the dark and that is okay. I remind myself that beyond darkness is light and just because I can’t see where I am going doesn’t mean that I’m not going somewhere amazing.

Monica x

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