222: What actually is manifestation? - Monica Yates

222: What actually is manifestation?

BY Monica Yates

Today we are talking about what manifestation actually is and what wealth frequency actually is. Let’s break it all down in Monica lingo.



Manifestation is essentially thinking something into existence. When you think, imagine or visualise something it feels far-fetched but then actually having that thing in your life is a completely different thing. Manifestation is the act of thinking, imagining and visualising and having it come into existence. For example, you could manifest your dream man and then when you are actually with him you would say that you have manifested him.

You can manifest absolutely anything form a car parking space to a twin flame. Manifestation is a powerful tool, the truth is that control is an illusion but it can feel really nice when we do have a sense of control and this is where manifestation for me and so many others has become something we cannot live without. Certain practices give you the ability to influence your reality via manifestation, frequency, energy and the law of action.

In terms of understanding wealth frequency, think about the fact that we are just atoms floating around vibrating at different frequencies. When it comes to wealth frequency if you want to be manifesting something in, the higher the frequency the better the thing you will manifest will be. If you are vibrating at a level five but you want to stay at five-star hotels as your norm that would mean that you need to vibrate at a level 10. Therefore, in order to increase your wealth frequency, we would need to increase your frequency and your vibration to a 10 to therefore be a match for staying in a five-star resort which requires that level 10.

When we are thinking about manifestation and attracting things in, we need to be thinking about two of the main laws. Law of attraction and law of action.

Most of you will have heard of the law of attraction, what you think you become for example.  We need to ensure we are vibrating at the same level of the thing or person we wish to attract. The law of attraction is really important, but people always forget the law of action. You need to take action in order to attract that thing into your life and this is the piece that is forgotten. If you want to manifest in a PR opportunity, you need to take the action of sending those emails or showing up more on Instagram. The attraction piece of that like journaling is also important but if you just did that, how would they find you? If you want to speed up your manifestations, you want to make sure that you are hitting it from all angles. You need both action and attraction.

Wealth is not a physical thing, it’s a frequency, it’s an energy. You can feel wealthy and be in fucking trackies. Wealth is a feeling and that feeling helps to attract in more money because once you’re in that abundant energy you attract in more of what you are. Remember abundance can also come in the form of love when we are working on our relationships with men, we heal our hearts which allows us to feel more love, love is an abundant energy. Being in the abundant energy of love will help us to attract more of our manifestations and more money. It is all connected, men, money and manifestation.

 When it comes to manifestation, the most common practices are meditation, vision boards and journaling. These practices are powerful and fantastic and what’s also really important is that there is more than this. There are ways to integrate your manifestations into your life so that you don’t have to think about it all the time. This is also why it is important to heal your trauma, if you don’t feel worthy of your manifestations that can influence your ability to manifest with ease.

The whole thing about ‘act as if’ is real. This doesn’t mean you fake it or push your feelings aside, it means you are embodying the energy of already having the thing that you desire. This embodiment is good because you begin to vibrate at that energy and frequency which then attracts that desire into your reality.

 Your manifestations can happen in so many different ways and when you focus on the how and are attached to the how that is when you get into your head. When you focus on the how, you take the magic out of it.

 An exercise for you today, go and invest in yourself. Spend money in an abundant energy of calling in more and declare that you are worthy and deserving of more.

Monica x

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