220: How to reset your energy and get out of a slump | My biggest meltdown - Monica Yates

220: How to reset your energy and get out of a slump | My biggest meltdown

BY Monica Yates

Today I want to talk about resetting your energy, resetting your vibe and getting back into a frequency that you were in a couple of weeks or months ago. We are human and sometimes we can fall off the bandwagon and I am sharing this with you because around a month ago I had a week where I cried the whole week. I actually had a meltdown like no other in my adult life whilst at the airport at 6am. I was overwhelmed and over tired and I noticed that I had fallen off the bandwagon of doing my practices and being in my energy. I had forgotten that I am supported, looked after and that everything is going to be okay.


I knew that this feeling and that this energy was not like me, I realised that because we were running around so much and doing so much, I was actually getting re-addicted to the adrenalin of stress. I pulled myself up on this after having that meltdown and this is what I did to reset my energy, get me back into myself and my normal high vibe manifesting energy and where things are flowing.

It is so freeing when you fully understand manifestation, frequency and energy, why? Because you feel like you have some sense of control because your energy influences things. If you trust that everything is happening for you then when bad things happen, you don’t see them as bad things. You just lean into a higher frequency and things end up going even better.

Here are some things I want to share with you for when you are in a slump, when you’ve lost that sense of connection to something greater, lost that sense of flow or don’t know where you are going, these are the things that you need to do.

Number one, you have to be so committed to yourself, to your energy, what you want to create and what you want to re-feel. If you can commit to getting back on track then what I’m about to say will follow through and will work. If you are not committed to what you want to create for yourself then this isn’t going to work. You need to get back to yourself and your energy. Time alone is such a good thing when you have been feeling not like yourself. You need to take time away so that you can get back into your own energy and feel connected to yourself again. I recommend meditating twice a day to really get back into that high vibe and even if it is for only five minutes a day, it’s about you having that commitment to yourself.

I love chamomile tea before bed to calm down your nervous system, soothe your body and allow yourself to drift off into a really nice sleep. When you go from a stressful day into sleep, that stress gets integrated into your body whilst you sleep. Meditating will also help to bring you into that grounded energy before drifting off to sleep.

My last recommendation is to commit to, for a week or two weeks meditation and journal prompts every morning. This gets me back on track if I am dipping for a second when there is too much going on and I have forgotten and let practices slip away. You can journal about anything, if you need journal prompts you can download my free prompts HERE.


Monica x

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