215: Business update - Monica Yates

215: Business update

BY Monica Yates

Today I have a business update for you because I feel like people need permission to do some things and there are a lot of points for me to jam on. To recap, I have been full time in my business since the middle of 2018 but didn’t start making bank until early 2019. At the end of 2018 I hired my first assistant for a few hours a week and then hired my next assistant who started as an intern late 2019 and so since 2018 I have had help and assistance in my business. This help was great however it also meant that I didn’t realise what I missed doing within my business.


When I was traveling Europe in 2019, I was doing everything myself and I loved it. I was really productive because there was so much to do, and I felt so in flow. I noticed when I had help in my business that I felt disconnected from the essence and the purpose of my business. I got into the routine of running a business instead of doing what felt good.

Having all of my team members was great and this came with the creation of systems and processes that allowed my business to become more streamlined. Along with this though I am always wanted by different people. I have realised about myself that the more people I have wanting me and the more communication channels I have open the more drained and resentful I feel.

Because I was passing everything off, I didn’t know everything that was going on and I lost control and connection. So recently I fired everyone.. yes, you heard that right. I started doing everything myself again, every customer service email, every IT issue, every DM, every onboarding and offboarding. The most interesting thing for me is that I have felt overwhelm but at the same time I have felt less stressed. I know everything that is getting done and everything that is happening within the business and I know that those things are being done to the standard that I desire them to be done.

I have started to hire again but in a very different way and as a very gradual and slow process. I am hiring for specific aspects whilst not giving over too much control or leadership to those hires and whilst maintain a high touchpoint within my business. It was really hard to let team members go but sometimes things have to come to an end and I did this because it is what I truly needed and what I had been feeling for a long time.

I feel like in the coaching space it’s like you have made it if you have three assistance or a whole team working for you but I just want you to know that I am making millions and have no one working for me right now. People feel like you should hire and if you haven’t you are failing or not making enough money. I get that it sounds cool, looks professional and feeds the ego to have people working for you but I hope that the reason you are running your business is for the results of your clients. If they are feeling less connected because of the way your business is structured, that is going to impact the amount of money you are making.

This is a permission piece for you, if you do not want to hire an assistant and you want to do it yourself that does not make you any less professional and you are still just as good at your job without having anyone working for you.

Monica x

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