214: Business Q&A - Monica Yates

214: Business Q&A

BY Monica Yates

Today I am sharing with you a juicy Q&A session all about business. I love Q&A’s because I can just riff and chat about what you really want to know, this is such a juicy episode today with a bunch of nuggets on feminine business, sales calls, decision making and so much more.


Q: What questions would you ask and what would you change you are currently in a sales call slump?


A: When you are doing sale-calls they need to feel fun and you need to be able to feel whether you want to work with this person. You also need to ask questions that you specifically want to know about your client, think about what makes you excited to work with a people. Make sure that every sales call is an opportunity for the potential client to self-discover whether this is the right container and why they want to do this work.


Q:  I am in a job that is not my future and takes so much of my energy day to day, how do I find what I should do next?


A: For any of you who are in a job that you hate but is also financing the side-hustle that you desire as your fulltime job, I want you to know that this job is important and as much as you hate it you need to cultivate gratefulness for what it allows you. This job can actually provide safety and security to your nervous system which allows you to stay in flow and create your dream business.

If you don’t know what the next steps are, you need to give yourself permission to follow the breadcrumbs in front of you. Those next steps don’t need to be huge, small steps like attending a networking event will give you the creativity to propel you forward.


Q: How can I help my business thrive without pressure but with intention?


A: If there is scarcity in your energy it creates a stress response in your nervous system which leads to a lack of creative flow. Leaning into the trust and the knowing of ‘I want this and it’s going to happen’ and responding to the things put in front of you instead of feeling like you HAVE to do a million things each day. Make sure what you do in your business feels good.


Q: I haven’t started a business yet but plan to this year, should I join BABA or Queen Alchemy?


BABA has so much content and so joining ahead of time is a great idea. Starting BABA before you start your business actually allows you to go through the content and take it in without that pressure on your business. I would definitely recommend joining BABA, it would be a massive benefit for you.


Q: Can you run us through your morning routine that sets you up for an amazing feminine flow work day?


A: I don’t have a morning routine as it changes every day. In an ideal world it would be breakfast in bed, sex in the morning, Pilates, reading, meditation, bath and fucking flow all morning. The thing that I do stick to most of the time is my green tea and meditation in the morning followed by my Pilates and some sort of stretching.


Q: Can you riff on sexual energy and how it affects your business?


A: Your sexual energy is the same frequency as your creative and life force energy. If you’re in a slump and have no life force energy and also feel stuck creatively there is going to be a link to your sexual energy. When you feel safe and expressed in your sexual and feminine energy it helps with that creative flow and life force energy. This allows you to get the inspiration and downloads in your business to make more money, call things in and attract new clients.


Q: Was there a point in your life where you felt no love for yourself and didn’t know how anyone could love you and how long did it take to grow out of that thought process?


A: After my ski accident I had this weird thing where I was so grateful to be able to walk again and take myself to the toilet but at the same time I would get so frustrated and hate my body because it wasn’t working the way I wanted it too and wasn’t bouncing back the way I wanted it to. This definitely reduced my love for my physical body but at the same time I had this guilt for hating my body when it kept me alive and I still had two legs. I also have always had a very strong sense that if someone doesn’t like me, it isn’t my problem.


Q: I had a great money month in March and now I feel like it was a one off and like I am going to be disappointed, should I just sit with this fear?


A: Yeah, you can sit with the fear and be okay with it. The thing with fear is that when you try to avoid it you make it a big thing but if you welcome the fear you become not as afraid and removes the heavy charge around that fear. Make this great money month your new normal, not a big deal, of course you can do it again because you have done it before.


Q: How do you work through visceral anxiety, yoga and meditation is not working?


A: When it comes to anxiety, meditation does not help long term. All of the work and the ‘how to’ for getting rid of anxiety is in Queen Alchemy but is also covered in BABA, message me to find out which is the best fit.


Q: What are some tips on powering through course creation, feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the project?


A: When I was in London I refilmed majority of BABA and I did this by using my masculine and discipline. I knew that once I started I would get into the vibes. I would make the outline of what I wanted to speak about and just get it done. When I have a lot of things to do, I write down how long it will take and that takes the overwhelm out of it.


Q: Is throat chakra clearing and finding my voice a BABA or Queen Alchemy thing or both?


A: We do it in both, just differently. In BABA the modality is around business but also helps in your personal life too. If you have business stuff, go BABA and if it is just personal then Queen Alchemy.


Q: Is it better to take the leap and then calm yourself down afterwards or is it better to calm yourself and then take the leap?


A: I would say both, a lot of people’s trauma will prevent them from taking the leap and so they need that somatic work first. If you can take the leap now, then take the leap and then do the somatic work. It depends on the person and the situation.


Q: How do you let go of clients who seem super into you and then go quiet?


A: Just like with men, when they seem super into you and then go quiet you disengage because you are better than that. You don’t want someone who doesn’t want you.


Q: Thoughts of when you go through financial success and then things start to crumble, how do you get the reins back?


A: Were you able to hold that level of success? Perhaps your nervous system wasn’t calibrated to it. Think about the tower card in the tarot deck sometimes things need to crumble in order to be rebuilt. Another thing to remember is that when you quantum leap you as a person will shift and therefore your life will shit.


Q: I have been wanting to post more on social media but have a hard time expressing myself authentically and fear others will think I am seeking attention.


A: You are your foundation for your business so if you have this shit you will not be able to build a business easily. All of these issues will creep in if you don’t fix yourself. BABA is perfect for this.


Q: I am scared to make the wrong decisions and so I don’t make any decisions.


A: It is easier to make no decisions because then you don’t have to blame yourself when things don’t go to plan. There are no wrong decisions, if something feels good, you’ve got to do it. You have to remember that you trust yourself.

Monica x

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