213: How to manifest the business of your dreams - Monica Yates

213: How to manifest the business of your dreams

BY Monica Yates

Today I want to talk to you about how to manifest the business of your dreams. I want to also preface that when I say the business of your dreams I also mean manifesting the life of your dreams, your business is part of your life, part of you, your purpose and your legacy. For many of us, we want to have our own businesses because we want to live a life of freedom, feel in control and feel like we can do more and be more for ourselves.


My business has evolved a lot, I have been striving to own my own business since I was in school. Even when previous businesses ‘failed’ it didn’t stop me because I knew what I wanted. One the most important things about manifestation is the law of action which so many of us forget. We often focus on the journaling, vibes and meditation which is fabulous AND you need to ensure that you are taking action to achieve the business that you desire and therefore the life that you desire.

I started my food blog and that was running for two or three years before I started making money, I did my coaching certification and was working for someone else and it wasn’t until mid 2018 that I started to make money. I wasn’t earning $10K a month either, it was more like $400 every two weeks. A lot of us are comparing ourselves to coaches online because the last two years the coaching industry has boomed and so people are feeling disheartened when they don’t hit massive monetary milestones in their first year or two of business. Let’s make sure that we are using logic and are being reasonable with ourselves and know that it takes time to build know, like and trust with your customers. The important thing is showing up, since day dot I have been taking action and showing up consistently.

The first coach I hired cost $10K which drained my bank account, this particular coach wasn’t great but I don’t regret the experience because it actually made me show up even more to make that money back. I made it back in around two weeks and it wasn’t necessarily the coach, it was that I was taking action.

Through every point in my business I was embodying the coach and person that I wanted to be but I was never stupid with my money. A lot of people are stupid with their money because of comparison and what other people are doing on Instagram. It is so important that you are embodying the energetics of the business you want but you need to make sure that you are doing that in a way that is in alignment for you and not where you think you should be based on what other people are doing.

I find that people in business are either too focused on the ‘woo woo’ side or too focused on the logical, strategy side of it. There needs to be a blend of both in order for you to feel like your business is nailing every point. You want to feel like your soul is being fulfilled and your desires are being met but you also want to feel like you are grounded, safe and secure in your business, you need both.

I believe that you can have everything, just not all at once. The more you understand yourself and your business, the more self-aware you are the easier it is going to become. If you are not a good communicator, not self-aware or haven’t healed your shit so that your business is built on a strong foundation it is going to become shit loads harder.

Monica x

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