211: How trauma shows up in your business - Monica Yates

211: How trauma shows up in your business

BY Monica Yates

I see so many business coaches these days teaching about energetics, being the vibe, mindset, quantum leaping, strategy and manifestation which is great. The missing piece that I want you to understand though is your trauma. I teach these things too but what sets me apart from other coaches is that I don’t really care about your business. Your problems in your business actually tell me where your trauma is sitting and then I heal that trauma and as a result we will implement those other practices and your business will thrive. Your business thriving however is not a result of just the mindset and energetics, those things help but it is thriving because we have fixed the foundation in which your business is built on and that foundation is you. If you don’t fix you, your business is on a rocky foundation.


If you want a successful business, you can’t ignore your shit. You need to make sure that things aren’t affecting your ability to have a successful business.

You need to invest in your business to grow and I have invested big time. What I don’t like ethically, is when women who are making $5,000 a month invest in something that costs $5,000 a month, that to me isn’t smart. The problem is that they often invest in things that don’t fix the foundation. No matter how much of the energetics, mindset and strategy tools you are given, if you cannot implement them to the full extent because of your trauma based issues it is just like burning money. What you want is to have a strong foundation so that when someone helps you with strategy or energetics you can actually full implement these strategies because there is no trauma blocking you in your steps.

Your trauma affects your confidence, if you are not 100% sure of yourself and what you can offer people, then no one is going to buy from you. When you aren’t confident in what you are providing it can become really draining because you aren’t in flow. You don’t have to be the most outwardly confident person online but you do need to be deeply self-confident and deeply embodied in the energy and idea of knowing what you provide is valuable.

An inability to speak your truth is another way that trauma can show up in your business. This impacts your ability to show up online and in turn your ability to be seen. I show up every fucking day, in some way, shape or form. What this does is allows people to feel connected to me and feel like I take this business and this work seriously. I am consistent with this work because this is my career. In doing this, as a result I have a thriving business.

Magnetism is really important in your business, it’s that thing that just draws people in. If you have sexual trauma or trauma around your femininity it affects your life force energy which is also your creative energy. When your life force energy is low, your magnetism is also depleted. This depletes your creative energy and your flow which results in you feeling blocked and stuck in your business. When you heal this trauma, you feel magnetic and it allows you to attract ideal clients and creative ideas that then grow and quantum leap your business. This energy of magnetism is also what is important for the energetics, manifestations, mindset stuff and the strategy to be implemented.

Think about it like this, your trauma is showing up in your business. It doesn’t mean you fix it in your business, you fix it at the root and when you fix it at the root your business succeeds as a result.

Monica x

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