210:Feminine business myths - Monica Yates

210:Feminine business myths

BY Monica Yates

Today I want to talk to you about the feminine business myths that are everywhere on social media right now. Some business coaches claim and preach that if you just masturbate, radiate orgasmic energy and are in your feminine then you’ll make millions.  I want to come from a place of sustainability. My business is not just a cash injection that I’ll do for a few years and then chill at home and garden during the day. My business is an empire, I am creating a legacy for myself and therefore my business has to be successful and sustainable. If you are using these short-term methods for building your business, they may be working now but my question is always will this work in the long term and is this sustainable?


In all areas of our life we go through seasons whether it’s in our love life, health or spiritual practices. You denying yourself those seasons and trying to remain the same through every point in the year is setting yourself up for failure. We are humans but we are also nature, if you are constantly trying to avoid seasonal changes it is going to result in misalignment. One of the best things I have allowed myself to do is really remove myself from the idea of just making money and be okay with making less one month in a winter season. I acknowledge that changes are happening or things are coming into my life and my resources need to be spent elsewhere. As soon as you make yourself ‘wrong’ for having a seasonal change in your life you are going to put yourself in a situation where there is friction. As soon as there is friction that is when the issue arises in your business where you start to doubt yourself, question yourself and begin to feel stagnancy. That stagnancy isn’t actually your business, the stagnancy is that you are not allowing yourself to experience what it is that you need to experience in that moment. If you’re wanting to actually have a feminine business it’s about focusing on magmatism and flow. That flow can sometimes mean having more resources, time or energy going to your personal life for a moment and less going to your business and there is nothing wrong with that.


The problem that comes up for women in particular is fighting against our biology. You have to remember that as a woman, our biology is change. We have four different versions of ourselves during our cycle and we operate best with change and flow. So as a woman if you’re trying to do the same shit every month you are absolutely guaranteed to find yourself in a situation where there is resistance and stagnancy. When there is stagnancy you feel bored and uninspired. Men don’t operate the same, they will operate better with routine and structure. For women, routine and structure may feel good in the beginning because you will feel like you are achieving more and that’s fulfilling your inner masculine but long term it doesn’t work. You will eventually hit a point where all of a sudden you feel like giving up from a lack of flow and creativity. What’s better is to have a masculine container so that your feminine can flow. In order for a female to be in her feminine, she has to have the masculine.

The next myth of feminine business is that just being in your feminine will automatically get you more clients and that is not true. What gets you clients is a combination of the magnetism but also the strategy. It takes time and a lot of people are falling into the trap of thinking that if they just post some vibey things on socials that they will get a bunch of high paying clients. Me getting high paying clients now is a result of four years of really hard work and consistency. The consistency is actually the key to getting that long term success, high paying clients and having people want to pay you. The thing that kept me going after my goals was that I saw them, I felt them, I believed in them and wanted them so much. If there is wavering desire, you will not reach your goals. If you don’t have that ambition it’s not going to happen for you. Some people are born with that ambition and others aren’t, creating a strong business with a strong message requires an unwavering amount of ambition and a deep connection to the part of your heart that feels you HAVE to do this.

Let’s talk about ‘done’ being better than ‘perfect’. Through different trauma routes, women can have perfectionist tendencies and it’s really a need to be fully accepted, validated and fit in. When you have these perfectionist tendencies in your business you will not get anything done. It’s a great way to keep yourself in your comfort zone, it’s a great self-sabotage tool and it’s a great way to keep yourself exactly where you are and make sure that you don’t succeed. When you drop the perfectionism it shows authenticity and a sense of humanness. You showing up in your authenticity is going to allow you to call in more clients who are amazing and soul fucking clients.

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Monica x

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