209: The link between sexual energy and money. Plus let's redefine success - Monica Yates

209: The link between sexual energy and money. Plus let’s redefine success

BY Monica Yates

The scenario I love to solve as a coach is the persistent physical issues. Women who have gone to all of the doctors under the sun to fix their period, fall pregnant or heal their adrenal fatigue and then they come to me and we do the trauma work. All of a sudden, their period is back, they are pregnant, and their adrenal fatigue is healed. Majority of the physical issues that have been going on forever even after trying to sleep more or eat better are actually energetic issues.

Not everyone tries to improve their diet or lifestyle when issues arise. Persistent issues like brain fog or consistent breakouts are not normal and it’s really sad how many people go straight to the doctors or to a pill or cream to fix an issue rather than thinking to even clean up their diet first. Relying on external sources such as birth control, to fix our issues is an example of us giving away our power. When you don’t trust your body’s intuition, your own immune system or your own cycle you are literally giving away your power. When you give that power away day after day, you perpetuate this idea that you can’t trust yourself.


I used to think that success was classic career success like making the most amount of money, having a book, having a certain number of followers or changing the lives of a certain amount of people. Before I did the work, I would be working my arse off just to get the validation of my Dad, even though I already had his validation. Now success to me looks like not burning yourself out, being energized, feeling so happy because you had a crazy amazing weekend and being able to make the amount of money that I want to make so that I can spend it on my friends and throw big dinner parties. I had to work hard to get to where I am today but even now that I am here, I don’t want to burn myself out in order to keep rising. Whilst I am working, I have to be able to enjoy myself to feel free in my life. Success to me also means having a lot of love in my life, friendships, relationships and having good sex all the time. Success means being able to sit on the sofa by yourself and not have a million bitchy thoughts running through your head. Success is just being able to go to bed 98% of the time with a full fucking heart loving yourself and being proud of yourself.

I have learned to express the side of me who wants to let her hair down and be crazy. I used to push that part of myself away because I didn’t think it was ‘spiritual’ to do so.  A lot of people in the spiritual community don’t drink and that’s fine but for me, I am in a phase in my life that I have been able to master everything and I want friends who want to go out late and have fun without the draining boundaries that some spiritual practices or expectations can bring. I believe that drinking can be really good for your soul, meditating and doing breathwork can be relaxing but it doesn’t unleash the real human side to me. Going out and getting drunk with my girlfriends allows me to unleash that humanness and I believe that it is a spiritual practice.

Let’s talk about sexual energy and money and how they have the same energetic frequency. When you spend money on yourself, you radiate a confident and sexy energy and then you attract in even more money, you spend that money on yourself and the cycle begins. You don’t question whether you are worthy or deserving of the handbag or the first-class ticket, you know that of course you are. Our brain sometimes will look at a bank account and forget that the money keeps coming in and that even when you spend money, that money comes back. There are so many ways that money comes in, you don’t need to own your own business to manifest more money. Like water, the energy of money flows out to flow back in. Obviously, the ideal situation is that you spend less than what’s coming in. Once you recalibrate your body to not be afraid of losing money or spending money and you are without that scarcity, more money comes in.

Monica x

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