208: Are you escaping reality with spirituality? - Monica Yates

208: Are you escaping reality with spirituality?

BY Monica Yates

Are you escaping reality with spirituality?

A lot of people have tuned into faith as a sort of rock and anchor for when they are going through hard times. I think that this is amazing and I personally don’t know how people live without some sort of faith. I need to know and feel like there is someone or something out there looking out for me and that I’m not all alone swimming around in ‘la la land’. I don’t  feel alone because I think about the synchronicities, manifestations and the miracles that have unfolded within my life.


You can’t tell me that there isn’t a higher force out there helping us, supporting us. Whether it is just physics and energy or whether there is a god or angels from those who have passed over. We are multidimensional beings and I do not believe that there is only earth, I believe that there is life outside of us. It is a beautiful thing to have faith to lean against and I don’t think that there is any right or wrong faith. The thing with faith is that you have to feel it, if it doesn’t feel true for you then it is going to feel sticky and give you this bad vibe about faith. For some people Christianity feels really good for them, spirituality feels good for others and that’s awesome, that’s what is important. For me, when I attended a Christian school I never felt like it was true for me. I felt like there was a higher force out there, I felt like I was being protected and felt like I had faith but I did not connect or relate to what I was being taught from the bible in school. Because this was forced upon me it made me repel it more. If you’re forcing something on somebody it’s almost guaranteed that they are going to reject it but if you just plant the seed, they are way more likely to be open to receiving and accepting it. What I am connected to feels right to me and that is what is important.

Where we slip up when it comes to spirituality and trust is when we use it in a way where we are bypassing something and use it as an excuse, a self-sabotage tool or a way to avoid taking responsibility. A lot of people on Instagram especially business and spirituality coaches can lead people to believe that all you have to do is be a vibe and you’ll make money. The reality is that the equation is not be a vibe equals make money. The equation is actually be a vibe plus provide valuable content plus prove that you are an expert plus give people free transformations, that equals making money. That equals people wanting to invest in you because they want your help which then makes you money. The illusion and the idea that all you have to do is speak to your angels and then you’ll get a million clients, that’s not actually how it works. You could speak to them and call on them for support, for inspiration, for the next step or the way to market yourself, that’s great. But if you’re just asking to manifest five clients and then asking why it hasn’t happened, that is where the problem lies.

People use their spirituality or their faith as a way to escape the reality of a situation and the reality of the situation is that you’re not showing up. You have to put in the work to get the results. If you’re trying to escape your reality by just tuning into spirituality all the time, you’re bypassing your journey as a human.

This topic came to me because recently it was a portal, 02.22.2022. Whilst I am fucking here for a portal, people can sometimes cling to these ideas where yes, it could look like a portal but I also want to remind you that when it comes to dates, in energy there is no calendar. When it comes to manifesting, quantum field and quantum physics there is no Tuesday, no year 2022 because man made time is an illusion. The energy behind significant dates is actually just a collective energy of excitement which you can tap into to harness the power in your manifestations but there isn’t actually anything different. You don’t want to bypass your life and your human experience because you’re waiting for a portal day. Everyday can be a portal if you want it to be, it’s up to you. When you decided to take radical responsibility for the way that you live your life, your life becomes a lot more productive and a lot more freeing. When you are constantly blaming something outside of yourself you are actually giving away your power.

Take a moment to think about where you are escaping your reality with spirituality. What in your life do you not want to admit to, not want to see, not want to feel, what do you keep escaping because it’s not meant to be or it isn’t the right time? Maybe it’s not the right time or maybe you’re not showing up enough. It’s not just about being a vibe, it’s not just about journaling every day. It’s also about what you do every day, you have to do things. You constantly giving yourself excuses isn’t going to get you what you want, you being honest with yourself, being blunt with yourself and committing to yourself and sticking to those commitments will get you what you want. Stop letting people or things like your faith sway you to let yourself down time and time again. The most powerful thing you can do is hold yourself to your commitments.

Monica x

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