Chicken Nugget: Should I take his name?

Some chicken nuggets from this episode: “You create meanings out of little things.”“We create our reality based off of the stories we tell ourselves.”“Make sure that you’re monitoring your perception of things. Because if you are reading things to suit your paradigm, then everything is going to be a little bit off.” 

I cover:

  • Creating meanings for circumstances
  • How women lost power historically
  • The power of your perception
  • Why you need to take an observer’s perspective

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Vegetable oil can kill you

Sounds drastic, and that’s because it is.

This one “Food” that is in so many of the things people eat these days (i.e. processed foods) can literally kill you.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What vegetable oil is
  • The difference between vegetable oil and other healthy oils
  • Why you want to stop eating it YESTERDAY
  • How to eat out and avoid it
  • What to cook with instead

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Instant gratification is NOT hot

“If you can’t draw boundaries, you are going to have a shit life.”

“The problem is when you start nagging somebody for not fulfilling YOUR expectation quickly enough.”

“By you having boundaries, it also allows you to create a feeling of freedom.”

  • How instant gratification is running from your ego
  • The importance of sitting in discomfort
  • Why holding your own boundaries is powerful
  • Boundaries and FREEDOM
  • Your problems are NOT special
  • The #1 thing you MUST have in order to stand by your boundaries
  • Why you must STOP with the need for instant gratification

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