How men can help get your cycle on track and men not wanting to take the lead

A super awaited episode that you do not want to miss. Some of what is covered:

  • How the stress response impacts your body
  • How pheromones impact your hormones
  • Knowing your date of ovulation
  • How men impact your fertility levels
  • Reasons why men are not wanting to take the lead
  • Loving boundaries and speaking your truth
  • How you can help men take the lead in your relationship
  • Ways that we shut men down and how emasculating men shuts off the polarity
  • Releasing wounding around men and feeling safe enough NOT to be in control

AND a few of the chicken nuggets + a sneak peek into the episode…

⚡️ When you have a lot of cortisol released, it is going to f*ck your hormones and your sex drive.

⚡️ You do not have to choose just one version of yourself. Part of being a woman is loving and appreciating all the different sides of yourself.

⚡️ Knowing the date of your ovulation is CRUCIAL especially if you are wanting to fall preggers in the future.

⚡️ Orgasms reduce stress and help to regulate your hormones. It circulates energy around your womb space and ovaries, cervix, vagina.

⚡️ Feeling sexy makes you feel high vibe and your hormones are thus way better because you have more serotonin and dopamine.

⚡️ It is your responsibility to speak your truth + create boundaries for your worth and desires.

⚡️ You deserve a king AND we are all humans that make mistakes.

⚡️ Men remember positive feedback and will continue to do what you complimented them on; critiquing them in a harsh way shuts them down and makes them feel emasculated.

Cacao & Convos with Bryan and Dom: PART 2. Man bashing, women in modern society and SO MORE MORE!

Some of what we cover:

  • Effectively communicating what you need
  • Triggers as gateways to healing
  • Identity creation from those around you
  • Their thoughts on what masculinity actually is
  • Men as part of the solution, not the problem
  • Doing the work together versus abandoning ship
  • Opinions on divorce
  • Women are desiring to feel safe and trusting
  • How much SURRENDER will transform your relationship and sex life
  • Work/life balance, decompressing, and self care

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What’s the deal with the Morning After Pill?

I cover:

  • Why you need to know your cycle
  • How the morning after pill works
  • Risks involved with the morning after pill
  • Nutrients + food you need to load up on after taking the morning after pill
  • Importance of being conscious as to what you put into
  • When you should use Plan B / emergency contraceptive
  • Being educated and trusting your body
  • Conversations that need to be had with a partner

Feme flow journal:

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Cacao & Convos with Bryan and Dom: Man bashing, Women in modern society and SO MUCH MORE!

Ladies this is a JUICY poddy. You do not want to miss! Part 2 coming next week 💋

  • Men doing the work
  • The fear men have of giving compliments
  • Awareness and willingness to do the work
  • All things men bashing
  • Using your triggers for healing
  • Allowing yourself to RECEIVE as a woman
  • Cultivating an environment of healing for everyone
  • How men bashing isn’t helping create change

Dom & Bryan’s link for the men listening:

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Cacao & Convos with John: Emasculation and understanding Men

We cover:

  • Women have things that connect them such as their periods but men don’t have that thing that connects them
  • The emasculation is men and how it prevents forward progress
  • How it feels for men to be emasculated
  • Why men need to do the work as well
  • The line between a woman emasculating and a man needing to deal with his shit
  • The importance of presence in relationships
  • The importance of group work for men
  • How you take on the energy of whoever you work with
  • Why you need to determine your values and standards in relationships
  • Energy release in order to improve relationships
  • The shame surrounding men and what they want sexually
  • Attachment styles for men

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Your Debt can be Expansive + other Money and Manifestation Nuggets

Super juicy episode ladies. Some of what is covered…

  • Difference between going into debt for expansion and contraction
  • Debt is just a borrowing of energy, because money is ENERGY
  • Why you need to stop putting ‘should’ stories alongside your money
  • Law of attraction + Law of Action when getting out of debt
  • Why shame and money is a problem
  • Where money blocks come from
  • The energy to have when “saving”
  • Money NEVER runs out- for anyone

The connection between your vagina and confidence

Some of what is covered…

  • How money and sex are closely related
  • The importance of feeling safe + how most women don’t
  • Importance of allowing yourself to receive
  • How men + women are different when they offer to do something
  • The correlation between sexual and creative energy
  • How stress + trauma impacts your sex and pleasure
  • Sexual energy is your life force energy
  • The importance of the ANS and your hormones for sex and libido
  • Weight that won/t budge and its correlation to you wanting to feel safe

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Money DOES buy happiness

I cover:

  • How making money from a high vibrational space DOES buy happiness
  • The importance of loving your job + making money from a place of love
  • What money allows you to do
  • How money expands and amplifies whatever you’re currently feeling
  • Money from ego vs. soul
  • Creating your dream life masterclass
  • Women are receivers but have a block around feeling ‘inconvenient’

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