Feminine Expansion, Sensuality, Periods, Pleasure and Handling the Haters

This episode is an interview I did for Anna Squelch from The Full Circle Podcast and I wanted to share it with you because it is sooooo juicy!

We cover:

🔮How and why I became a period coach after losing my own period (and then getting it back, following a holistic wellness plan)

🔮The wisdom of our period and why we should all be tracking our cycles

🔮How it’s impossible to have optimal fertility when you follow a vegan diet

🔮How I handles my haters

🔮Why I’m getting a nutrition degree just to shut the haters up

🔮How I refuse to get sucked into Tall Poppy Syndrome

🔮How I help my clients clear their blocks to attract massive abundance in their business

🔮How to experience more pleasure in the everyday, simple things

🔮How I embody the feminine

🔮Why we should be eating salt and fat with our vegetables

🔮How a blocked sacral chakra can block us from being able to feel sensual and fully tapped into our sexual and creative energy

🔮The importance of slow sex

🔮The importance of internal self-care

You can listen to Anna’s podcast here  https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/the-full-circle-podcast/id1471579910