Being the wild feminine, living in alignment and not ego

Holy SHITTTTT this episode is JUICY AF!!! I went on about 4 different tangents and they were all so fricken’ important for you to not just hear, but act on for living in alignment.

I talk about:

⚡︎How to be Fiery and feminine

⚡︎The difference between being a bitch and not letting people cross your boundaries

⚡︎Get rid of the wounded feminine idea

⚡︎Who is the wild woman

⚡︎What really holds you back in life from doing things

⚡︎Raising your internal vibe for great external results in your biz

⚡︎Getting into alignment

⚡︎Why the answer IS NOT outside of you

⚡︎…and lots of other crispy chicken nuggets!!!