WTF is even a health/life/wellness/everything coach??!!!

Just a pre-warning that this isn’t some ‘come and pay me to be your coach’ blog post. This is simply outlining what coaching is and the benefits people have gotten from it. Many people aren’t actually sure of what health coaching is, so I thought I’d spell it out for you …

What is health/wellness coaching? 

  • It is concerned about turning a person’s goals into reality whereas health care professionals tend to just treat a problem and make the symptoms go away
  • Coaches dive deep, below the surface of your ‘issue’ to find the root cause
  • Helping you through issues via empowering sessions. Most often, we are just given a meal plan, pill or just told how to ‘fix it’

How is coaching a benefit? 

  • it offers a different way for people to seek help and in doing so, they discover a lot about themselves
  • most people that go to a health care professional are diagnosed and treated by this only magnified the problems and your own sense of failure
  • Pat Williams from the Institute for Life Coach Training said ‘if you could have done it by yourself, you probably would have done it by now.” This is emphasising the growing need for people to have an ally to work with, someone who can hold them accountable and is supportive and a wellness coach and do just this.
  • In a study done of ‘how effective is health coaching in reducing health services expenditures?’ it would found that inpatient and outpatient total costs fell and the estimated outpatient savings were $286 per person per month and total cost savings were $412 per person per month. Additionally, medical adherence was improved and there was a greater decrease in Hemoglobin A1c – a diabetes measure. Significant psychosocial improvements were also made. (Dr. Joel Kreisberg)


Results from past clients: 

  • Jane* found that having a health coach made her feel as though she could stop doing things by the ‘books’ and she felt more motivated than ever to change her behaviours and habits. She also found that the sessions were much more personal than other professionals and it wasn’t just about fitting her into a box
  • The evolution of life coaching showed that people found that by having an ally as someone who would engage with them and keep them accountable for their actions, they were able to achieve their very best results in real growth, movement and success
  • The biggest thing people comment on the most is the motivation and empowerment they have to make these changes from a place of love, not fear. Often these ‘issues’ are staring us right in the face, however, it takes a coach to ask specific questions for the client to realise the true things that are holding them back. The problem that you might think you have, could just be the band-aid for the root problem. Once the root cause is fixed, the rest of the life will fall into place effortlessly — this is very often the case with people’s relationship with food. It’s not about the food, it’s about something else


“Coaching with Monica has been genuinely one of the best decisions that I’ve had in my life for a while. Whereas previously I felt ‘alone’ in the world and life feels kinda empty, she’s able to transform that completely just within a couple of weeks. In our sessions and our chats, I constantly feel guidance, support and that feeling of having a warm hug from someone who cares for you. Thanks to her, I feel like a totally different person and my perspective towards life has changed in a good, most amazing way. Not only does she keeps helping me in healing my relationship with food, she also helps me in healing my relationship with myself and my soul (like introducing me to meditation, which is truly life-changing). Looking back at myself a couple of months ago where I was not in a ‘good’ place, I feel so happy of how far I’ve got and felt so good about myself and the body I am blessed with. And it is all thanks to her.” 


“When I contacted, Monica my main goals were to improve my eating habits and lose weight. Many of Monica’s ideas and suggestions to improve my eating habits were extremely useful and sustainable. These included things like mediation, regular, moderate exercise, and mindful eating. However, the most important, and truthful concept that I was taught was that it is not necessarily what you eat, but how you eat it. Food health and wellbeing, is so much more than what simply goes into your body, but how you think about, how you appreciate it, and how to relate it to your own body for maximum health. This finally convinced me that counting calories were not the answer, instead to focus on eating foods that I know made me feel good and help my body to function. There is so much more to your routine and habits than simply focussing on weight loss and reducing calories. To learn to eat to your body’s signals, with mindfulness and with the thought of your own body’s health, means that you will not have to worry about weight gain – your body will do its job. This is something that I learned from Monica that I can sustain, even more than a year later after the initial coaching sessions. This was essentially my ultimate goal, and I reached it with Monica’s help.”




The Story, Lessons & Reasons Behind My Snowflake Tattoo

Last Friday I did something that I wouldn’t normally do – I got a tattoo! I didn’t know whether to post about it or not, but I realised that I want to share the reason why I got it with you guys as you might walk away with a nugget of wisdom….so here goes


I’ve wanted a tattoo for ages and decided in December to get one on my wrist after my skin holiday of a snowflake. I love the snow SOOO much – it’s my happy place, it’s magical and Mum used to always say to us when we were little and having a nightmare, “think of something good, think of skiing”. Anyway, then I had my ski accident and was like FUCK. And I kind of forgot about the tattoo for a week or so. But then as I started gaining insights from my accident about what I was learning about myself and life, I wanted the tattoo again as a constant reminder.

When I first had my ski accident, I was depressed for a bit because I thought that all the things that I wanted to achieve this year were gonna turn to shit because I couldn’t do anything. I wanted to get really fit skiing, and I couldn’t do that, my goal for the time that we were away was to practise yoga every single morning before I went skiing, but I couldn’t do that. I wanted to look and feel fabulous after my 5 weeks of exercise and eating healthy but of course, that didn’t happen. I wanted to move to Sydney when we got home, but of course, that didn’t happen.

But what did happen was this:

  • I have done everything that I wanted to do work wise so far this year and my leg hasn’t held me back. Things might take me longer to do, but I’m getting more creative about doing things. I try and schedule Skype meetings instead of me needing to travel, and I meal prep so that I don’t have to waste so much time trying to cook a meal (it’s hard on crutches — hence the lack of new recipes – sorry guys!)
  • This has made me realise that you are capable of SO MUCH MORE than you think. Even with a fucking shit situation, lots of drugs, crying, horrible situations and degrading moments (i’m talking when you can’t even wipe your own ass), I am still okay! In fact, I haven’t been this okay in a long time!! At the time of my accident I thought it was the end of the world, but during this time I have come to realise that I can push myself more than I give myself credit for
  • I’ve also realised that you shouldn’t just be grateful for the big things in front of you like travel and your house, and your food…but of the little things like your toes, nails, legs, working knees, peachy bums!!!, feminine shapes, hip fat (because we need it to make a baby!!), arms, fingers, eyelashes (imagine life without eye lashes?!), eyebrows, YOUR EYES!!!!, your hair, your lungs, your heart, your lips, your ability to feel, smell and touch. It’s those little things that make the BIGGEST different to your life.
  • I’ve also realised now more than ever is that life isn’t about situations. It’s about how you REACT to situations that make your life. I could easily have gone ‘fuck everything’ and just lay in bed for 2 months, but instead, I was like ‘OKAY!! I am gonna have to be a boss woman and I want to be proud of myself at the end of these 3 months). Also, life is what you make it. And it’s FRICKEN SHORT. Your life could be taken from you at any moment and do you want to die in fear? NO!!! You want to live with so much LOVE your going to explode. Seriously stop caring about how you look or about how fat or thin you are or about the size of your boobs or whatever you are hating over. And fricken STOP being negative (90% of the time cause sometimes we all need to have a rant and be human and hate on something) and stop obsessing over stupid things that don’t impact your life in a great way. Fricken ENJOY life for what it is! Start being HAPPY because don’t you want to die with a smile on your face and think, god damn I enjoyed myself?! I sure as hell don’t want to die with regrets that I wish I gave fewer fucks and enjoyed myself more.
    Focus on how you FEEL within your body. Fuel your body with the best stuff because after all, that’s the best you can do! And then stop hating on yourself and your life. Fricken make the life you want to live, then own it and stop hating.

Anyway, even though I really wanted this tattoo I was so afraid that it was going to hurt so much so I wasn’t sure that I wanted it. and then i was like WHAT THE FUCK MONICA STOP MAKING SHIT UP IN YOUR HEAD!!!!! after all, I didn’t know whether it was going to hurt or not, I was just making it up in my head that it was going to hurt! Just like after my ski accident I was making up in my head that everything I wanted to do this year I now couldn’t do.

So I told my mean girl to fuck off and went to get the tattoo. Guess what, it barely hurt (not compared to my ski accident which was EXCRUCIATING…like 50/10 pain)!! So after I got it, it reaffirmed that all the stupid shit I tell myself is in my head.

All that shit you tell yourself like ‘so and so thinks I’m fat’, or ‘i don’t look good in this’, or ‘i’m not smart enough’ or ‘what if x and y think I’m a freak’…IT”S ALL IN YOUR HEAD!!!!

we’ve gotta stop making up this shit in our head and believing it


because it is HOLDING US BACK from fricken LOVING life,


and THRIVING and being our BEST SELVES!! it is destroying


our confidence and self belief and it is making us miss out on



I know the phrase #yolo is kinda lame now, but it really is my motto. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE so pleaseeeee just enjoy it! I have been telling myself this for a long time, but it only in the last 2 months that i have really been embodying it. Of course I have bad days (Especially now as i can’t do exercise and my circulation is fucked) where I’m not happy with my body, but then I also now remember that I can start to feel better in my body very soon once i’m able to exercise again, and I trust myself and am kind to myself and I on’y focus on what I can control – like enjoying life.

Another phrase I’m really loving is ‘things don’t happen to you, then happen for you’. I really do believe that everything happens for a reason and have seen this throughout my life so much.

This was actually going to be an insta post, but because it was such a long rant it’s now a blog post haha!

Go share it withe a friend that might take a nugget away from it xx

I used to give too many f**k’s about what people thought.


Whilst I’ve never really been one to care much about whether people like me or not, I am definitely guilty of measuring my success and self-worth on the amount of Instagram likes I get and how many followers I have. Oh and Instagram, your new algorithm isn’t helping me either!!! OR maybe it is providing me with the challenging of having to learn to NOT measure myself up against likes. Maybe it’s allowing us to learn something from it?


This year, I saw F that. Success isn’t about how many likes you get, it’s about persistence and consistency. And that doesn’t happen overnight. I don’t want a 10 minute bit of success and fame, I want a LIFETIME of it. And that doesn’t come from likes.


Contemplating and obsessing over what people think of you, or more rather; what you think people think of you (they probs don’t actually think this) is toxic and fricken exhausting!

I don’t want to be perfect. I want to be real and show who I REALLY am.


It’s okay if not everyone likes what you stand for. In fact, remember next time when someone doesn’t agree with you that you are still getting them to think, and consider. And whether they know it or not, you’ve made an impact on them. I get many people that get aggressive towards me because I’m not a vegan or because I say don’t count calories. But instead of being offended, I recognise that I’ve actually just made them think and had an impact on them.

I actually enjoy being real with you guys. I try to really show you the good and the bad in my life and my biggest struggles. I want my platform to be a safe place where girls and women feel that I am real and relatable.


It’s one of the things my clients love the most – that I don’t take the bullshit, I’m real and I’ve been there. I understand it, and I reasonable. I’m not going to make you quit gluten, dairy, sugar, coffee, chips, chocolate and alcohol all in a week! I work with you to make goals that are achievable and motivating, but most of all SUSTAINABLE.


It’s not sustainable to be fake, or trying to be someone else so that most people will like you. Fuck that. Live how you want to and with no regrets.