Happy Hormones these Holidays

Some typical scenarios and how to navigate around it:


THE SUGAR THING: Most family members LOVE baking allll the Christmas treats loaded with fuck tonnes of sugar. This isn’t just sugar-loaded products, but also carbohydrate-rich foods like processed bread, pastries, dairy and gluten etc.
Here’s the deal with sugar. Humans are hardwired to hunt out the sweet stuff as a survival mechanism for us to gain fat quickly in the wild during famines. Knowing that you will start to crave sweets after you have “just a few” of Mum’s gingerbread cookies can act as a helpful reminder where you are able to say to yourself ‘no I don’t actually need another one, my brain is just hardwired to want another one’. Christmas is about indulgences so enjoy a few sweets here and there, but try to just SLOWLY and MINDFULLY enjoy ONE and then come back for another one later. If you know that once you are off the bandwagon there is no getting back on it…then stick to savoury things this Christmas.

Family members will also tend to get offended when you don’t accept one of their sugar-loaded treats, so remember to explain nicely to them that sugar doesn’t make you feel good, or you are trying to not go too OTT this Christmas. Coming from a place of love and explaining to them that you are trying to support your hormones is an act of self-love. Don’t think that you have to be a people pleaser because what is going to happen if you do eat the cookie out of guilt? 1) you won’t even enjoy it so that was just a waste of sugar 2) you will feel disappointed in yourself after, and 3) you’ll beat yourself up … doesn’t sound too good now does it?

Solution: if you want to be able to indulge in some cookies for Christmas then how about you make your own and bring them with you? Make a batch to share with your friends and family and they may be pleasantly surprised how good healthy treats can taste! I recommend taking my Almond Butter Cookies (in my free ebook that is emailed to you when you subscribe) or my Chocolate & Pecan Christmas Cookies.

Make the decision to either eat the sugar in moderation or to not eat it. For me, eating unhealthy food isn’t worth it because I feel so sick after gluten, dairy and sugar.

So step 1) decide what you are going to do and 2) show up for yourself and make a dessert to bring to the function


IRREGULAR MEAL TIMES: Try and keep to your regular meal times. Often big lunches or dinners are served at odd hours like 3 pm so make sure you have a protein and fat rich breakfast to keep your blood sugar stable. If your blood sugar is low before you put yourself in front of a feast, then you are no longer in control. Once your blood sugar is low, the powerful neurotransmitters like ghrelin are going to take over and say “GET GLUCOSE!!! AND AS FAST AS YOU CAN” so you make a B-line to the “white” products.


ALCOHOL: Alcohol is a major endocrine disruptor so making sure that you are in a good relationship with alcohol is a major thing. If you choose to have some alcohol over the holidays, stick to clear spirits with soda water, red/white wine and the occasional glass of champagne (champagne is slightly higher in sugar). Make sure that you have a good game plan of what to do that night / the next morning to assist your body in recovering. Be sure to check my blog post here about not getting a hangover.  Other good options to get rid of toxins are to take some charcoal tablets before you go to sleep that night and to drink plenty of water with some lemon.


THE PARTY YOU ‘HAVE’ TO GO TO: Don’t give in to obligations. Sometimes you just need time to rest and have an early night and going out to all the parties can be too much on your body and backfire. So listen to yourself and make sure that you are not giving in to obligations when you really don’t want to. Just ask yourself; What do you really want to do? (Think of it from a place of LOVE)

STRESS: From family members, shopping, traffic and just the crazy time of the year! Stress causes you to produce cortisol but when you run out of your body’s supply of cortisol, your body steals it from progesterone which is molecularly similar to cortisol and drains the supply of progesterone and so you’ll have terrible PMS in January. When your micronutrient reserve becomes depleted you will also not have a well-functioning endocrine system. Keep up your yoga, meditation and deep belly breathing!


Make sure you put in place your boundaries so that you can stay in your routine (as much as possible) and don’t get too drained too quickly. Choose your boundaries and stick with them. Women have been conditioned to be people pleasers, but you don’t need to give into that! Remember that once you fill your own cup up, you are better company for those around you! If you give into everything and then become a tired wreck, you won’t be much fun to be around anyway and you will get shocking PMS and disrupt your endocrine system (your hormones). Give yourself permission to say no and to do what your body feels like doing.


Also, play to your strengths during each different phase of your cycle so that you don’t deplete yourself. So if you are in your menstruation week, say no to the parties and stay home with your loved one(s) with a movie and a nourishing meal. It will make you feel a lot better and will help to heal your feminine spirit from the cultural conditioning that doesn’t serve you.


Why do the holidays have to come at the expense of your desires and your health?


My last tip is to walk after a meal. This will help your digestive system get going after you’ve had lots of food. Don’t worry about over-indulging, it’s Christmas after all! Enjoy the feast and eating a little too much and just be sure to move your body a bit that day. So go for a walk or jump in the pool (depending on where you are in the world) to get your body moving.

Your Christmas Menu Inspo

A Super Juicy Turkey – recipe in my Christmas eBook 


Whole Roasted Snapper 

whole baked snapper (1 of 2)

Roast a Whole Chicken

Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder 


Cauliflower mash from my Meatballs, Gravy and Cauliflower mash dish 

Kale and Avocado Detox Salad

kale and avocado summer salad (1 of 1)

Sweet Potato and Pesto Salad
sweet potato and pesto salad (1 of 1)

Carrots with Miso Tahini from my Christmas eBook 

Grain Free Sage Stuffing from my Christmas eBook

“Maple” Cinnamon Butternut Squash from my Christmas eBook 

Sweet potato wedges with tahini dipping sauce 

Crack Potatoes from my Christmas eBook 

Broccoli, Edamame and Cucumber “Tabouli” with a Tahini Dressing from my Christmas eBook 


Christmas “Pudding” Berry Crumble from my Christmas ebook

Melted Chocolate Choc Chip Cookies from my free eBook when you subscribe to my website 

St Nickholas Speculas Spiced Bark from my Christmas ebook

Chocolate & Pecan Christmas Cookies

Lemon tart from my Sweets eBook 

Chocolate Bark from my Sweets eBook 

Really Healthy Rocky Road 

really healthy rocky road

White Choc – Peppermint Bark from my Christmas ebook

Cinnamon and Jam Scrolls 

cinnamon jam scrolls with coconut butter drizzle

Christmas Gift Guide for the Healthy/Spiritual Girl


Something nice… $10-$50 

Monica Yates Health Healthy Spiritual Girls Christmas Gift Guide

  1. Courtney and the Babes Essential oils blends – $30.00
  2. Small crystal from Stoned Crystals – around $50.00
  3. Coconut Butter (basically the healthy chick’s version of white chocolate) – $19.00
  4. Wild Orange doTERRA essential oil (the oil of abundance! Recommend to your loved one to add a drop to their water throughout the day, or diffuse it or rub it between their hands and smell it during meditation/yoga) – $14.00
  5. Sugar-Free Sweets eBook– $5.50
  6. Womancode – $23.00
  7. Mingle Seasoning Essentials Pack – $39.95


Something naughty … $100+ 

Monica Yates Health Healthy Spiritual Girls Christmas Gift Guide

  1. Big Crystal from Stoned Crystals – $280.00
  2. Unplug yearly meditation subscription – $123.71
  3. 4x One-on-one health coaching  – $480
  4. DoTERRAHome essentials kit – $275
  5. Personal Series Vitamix  – $695
  6. Samantha Wills Fleeting Movements Crescent Ring (They have a 30% off sale!) 
  7. Leaf by Bellabeat $119-$149 (they currently have a 40% off sale!) 


Something VERY nice…$50-$150 

Monica Yates Health Healthy Spiritual Girls Christmas Gift Guide

  1. 8-week program  – $79.99
  2. big crystal cluster – $65
  3. Bulletproof Coffee & Ghee Starter Kit – $65.41
  4. Undivided Food Co Bone Broth 7 Kick Starter Program -$ 69.00
  5. The Collective Hub Magazine Subscription (For the girl who is a go-getter) – $89
  6. Yellow Willow Yoga Mat (use ‘monicayateshealth’ at the checkout for 10% off) – $109.00
  7. Shakti Mat – $69.00

50 reasons why you should avoid the pill at all costs

Wondering if the pill is for you? Wondering if it is causing unwanted health problems you now have? Wondering how it can impact your life AND the lives around you? Here are just 50 reasons why you should think really hard before putting synthetic hormones in your body.

  1. Women taking the pill are almost twice as likely to be depressed, compared to those not on the pill – makes you wonder what is actually in there to make you depressed, hey?
  2. The use of the pill before 20 years old doubles the risk of breast cancer
  3. Scientists have found that a chemical product in the Pill to stop ovulation continues to suppress testosterone levels (which are needed for sexual desire in men and women) for up to a year after women stop taking it.
  4. The pill and other hormonal contraception’s deliver about 4 times the corresponding oestrogen and progesterone naturally occurring at their peak in a normal menstrual cycle.
  5. The pill induces a biochemical state in the body more like pregnancy than normal fertility
  6. Women on the pill are a third more likely to have gingivitis and higher plaque levels than if they weren’t taking it
  7. The pill elevated the risk of thrombosis or blood clots
  8. The pill alters at least 150 bodily functions and affects all your organs
  9. The pill induces in us a different biochemical and psychological state which can impact how we feel about ourselves and others
  10. The men in our lives are also affected by the side effects like depression, loss of libido and chronic health problems
  11. The most common side effects of the pill is weight gain along with fatigue and depression
  12. The absorption of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12 is affected by the pill and hormonal contraception.
  13. Scientists found that taking the pill for as little as 6 months could potentially destroy a women’s sex drive forever. Stopping the pill doesn’t necessarily reverse the effects of the reduction of testosterone.
  14. The pill can lead to increase period pain, breakthrough bleeding, cervical erosions, candida infection, a greater tendency for genital warts and chlamydial infection.
  15. Can’t attract a boyfriend? – Women on the pill don’t secrete copulins. Copulins are a certain volatile fatty acid which is secreted in the vagina and stimulate male sexual interest and behaviour.
  16. In Chinese Medicine, the pill interferes with the normal Liver Qui (energetic flow) function in the body leading to a stagnant liver. The liver will then struggle to support the removal of toxins from your body
  17. The pill and contractive injections increase the risk of diabetes
  18. Fake estrogen is also fed to beef cattle to make them gain weight
  19. The incidence of fracture was significantly higher for women on the pill
  20. Women who take oral contraceptives and synthetic estrogen have increases chances of suffering from migraines and headaches.
  21. Numerous studies have found an association between the pill and liver cancer
  22. A study of 47 000 women found that those who have taken the pill had a significantly higher incidence of cervical cancer than those who have never used it
  23. The pill is classified as a Class 1 Carcinogen – in the same category as tobacco and asbestos
  24. When going off the pill and then falling pregnant, your baby will likely be nutrient deficient because the pill decreases your levels of zinc and folic acid
  25. Maternal zinc depletion has also been found to be associated with foetal growth retardation and many types of congenital abnormalities
  26. The pill reduced selenium levels which can lead to your baby having foetal deformity including Down syndrome.
  27. Inflammatory conditions, like endometriosis, are worsened by the Pill and these can affect your fertility too
  28. A study found that a quarter of women trying to conceive couldn’t for 13 months or more after stopping the pill whereas only 1 in 10 women using non-hormonal methods of contraception had a similar experience
  29. The pill changes who you are sexually attracted to because the pill reverses the usual smell-immune system signals and that when a woman is on the Pill she tends to choose a mate who has a similar immune system but this gives any children they have together less chance for a good immune system and makes it harder for them to fall pregnant
  30. Some side effects even include double vision, swelling of the optic nerve, dizziness, fainting, acne, mouth ulcers, varicose veins
  31. There is greater risk for allergic reactions like hay fever, asthma, skin rashes and other inflammatory conditions
  32. There are two effects from the pill – hormonal and nutritional disturbance
  33. It affects vitamin, mineral, lipids, essential fatty acid and amino acid metabolism
  34. The pill affects your body’s ability to fight off candida levels and a candida overgrowth can lead to a whole host of symptoms
  35. It is harder for your body to create sex hormones when you come off the pill
  36. Taking the pill reduced the absorption of zinc
  37. Copper levels are increased on the pill which can lead to depression, hair loss, mood swings, immune dysfunction
  38. The pill impacts young girls ability to develop a healthy relationship with their own body
  39. It stops you being able to tune into your own body
  40. If a young girl uses the pill while she is still growing it may stop her from reaching her full height
  41. If a girl who is not ovulating regularly goes on the pill, both menstruation and ovulation may be suppressed permanently or take much longer and need treatment to return
  42. The pill compromises the health of your future baby
  43. The pill disrupts the natural cyclical cycle and women can begin to feel ‘stuck’ and out of ‘flow;
  44. When you’re on the pill, you lose the special moment that you bleed because bleeding on the Pill is not a normal menstruation It is just a breakthrough bleed so it doesn’t have the same impact that a true period can bring you. Many women not on the pill find the bleeding time to big a very big energetic release.
  45. Menstruation is a grounding experience and brings you back to feeling connected to yourself. Not menstruating means you miss out on this and you can create a big energetic block within yourself
  46. A result of not being connected to rhythm is depression.
  47. The pill isn’t the only contraception method Natural fertility management has the same success rate as the theoretical success rate for the Pill
  48. The pill compromises the health of yourself and your baby. You must do a lot of work on your health before you try and conceive
  49. The pill causes symptoms of liver stagnation in some women and this leads to PMS, headaches, and mood changes
  50. The pill eliminates the natural menstrual cycle and releases it with a false state of early pregnancy…do you really think it is good for your body to think it is pregnant 24/7 when you are 17?





This information has been taking from the book The Pill: Are You Sure It’s For You? by Jane Bennet and Alexandra Pope. I highly suggest reading this book if you want to gain more of an understanding about the Pill. Everything is backed up my studies.