5 reasons why YOU need meat


So back to the basics – since cave man days, only humans have been equipped with the expertise of extracting every last bit of nutritional content from the edible world around us. So if we’ve been thriving off meat for years, then how come we are still alive?! Exactly.

So if you are eating the best quality meat and cooking it perfectly, then you don’t have a problem

The secret to getting the most out of your meat? Leave it on the bone. The more everything stays together the

better – the fat, bone, marrow, skin and connective tissue



  1. Meat on the bone will bring enough of the glycosaminoglycan growth factors and bone-building minerals to make a child’s joints strong and their bones tough. In adulthood, these same factors will keep your joints well lubricated and your bones strong from ageing. Also, the collagen that is found in the bone and skin of the meat helps keep your skin tight and inflammation down.
  2. It is so tasty when cooked properly and allows all the other flavours to come out. Slow cooking meat gives a complex flavour which means good nutrition! The more chemical diversity in your slow cooker or oven (bone, fat, skin, blood, muscles) the more chemical diversity if releases on your tongue and you can taste it! This rich, flavoursome meal means that nutrients are on their way!
  3. Animal tissue is a warehouse for calcium, potassium, iron, sulfate, phosphate and sodium and chloride. These tissues are broken down in slow cooking and create a seriously rich and comforting flavour.
  4. Meat contains amino acids! Although some health food stores sell taste enhancers like ‘aminos’ these are no better than hydrolyzed soy sauces and have stimulatory effects that can lead to nerve damage. When consuming these fake amino acids without their normal complement of nutrients (calcium/magnesium), these can cause temporary migraines and dizziness.
  5. Animal meat contains ANIMAL FAT. We need to cook with animal fat just as we always have. Animals historically hunted for the fattest animals and would even leave the lean muscle meat behind for the wolves. Fat is a source of energy and a major building material for our cells. Unlike sugar is doesn’t trigger the release of insulin, which promotes weight gain and cravings. Also, as you’ve probably heard me harp on about before – vitamins A, E, D and K are fat soluble and so in order to get these vitamins, we need to eat them with fat.


In order to get the full quality of the meat, you must buy grass fed and finish meat or organic poultry because of it’s higher omega 3 content and thus you can eat the fat without ingesting any harmful antibiotics or chemicals. But in order to get these omega 3 fats along with K2, and conjugated linoleic acids, you have to get the meat with an exterior layer of fat.


Additonally the animal fat should be used to cover/cook your vegetables with. When fatty acids bind to their receptors, it affects other taste buds such as their ability to detect sour, salt, and bitter flavours. So if you wondering why the hell butter makes broccoli taste 5 million times better, and roasting veggies in olive oil has become your new addiction… that is why. Fat brings out the flavours in vegetables and humans LOVE it.

Side note: Don’t overcook your meat. You loose so many nutrients and they don’t just dissapear. They are ingested into your body and you won’t be able to flush them out easily. THIS is when carcinogens can be formed. When meat is cooked properly, fewer harmful reactions occur and the nutrients and flavour compounds survive and can be released via the meats juices. 

Do you have trouble digesting meat?

  • Try using the slow cooker – this starts the process of breaking down the meat to make it easier on your digestive system
  • Have a shot of apple cider vinegar before eating meat to boost digestive enzymes


Resorce: Deep Nutrition, why your genes need traditional food by Catherine Shanahan


3 ways that yoga has improved my relationships with myself

When you care are about your body, you want to know where your food came from, how it was treated and the quality of life it had. The only reasons I believe that we have had to start being so obsessive and questionable about our food is because of the influx of pesticides, grain fed meat, fish farming, the increase of sugar and of course, vegetable oils. This is causing people to have bad relationships with food (including me, at once stage), but Yoga has helped me to release tension surrounding food, eat more mindfully and overall benefit my relationship with myself.  


But it isn’t  just the worrying of food… people are spending so much time on how they look that they are FORGETTING THE REAL MEANING OF BEAUTY AND THE BEAUTY WITHIN THEM. Everyone is different, and everyone is beautiful in their own way and I truly believe that a person is their most beautiful and sexy when they think they are beautiful and sexy. Having inner confidence and being happy with yourself shines are like a beam of light, and it brings joy to the world.


Just think about it; if everyone you know loved themselves and especially their bodies think of how HAPPY your environment would become. There would be constant positivity, inspiration and love. Instead, we have created a society when young girls are going on diets before they even finish school, drinking coffee to suppress hunger and grabbing their ‘fat’ thighs. Drugs have become more prevalent than ever before and alcohol is used to sometimes suppress feelings. And I believe this is all due to a LACK OF SELF LOVE in the world.

I notice an immediate difference in my thought process around my body and myself when I haven’t been practising yoga as frequently as I do. Not only am I not as mindful around my food, but I also tend to have more negative thoughts.


Yoga increases the oxygen to the brain, helping you to lower cortisol and put yourself in a state of relaxation. In this state, you are better able to think clearly and consciously and without your mean girl (that voice inside your head).  By entering a state of consciousness, you are able to catch yourself if your negative self-talk pops up – and silence her. During this time, you are practising loving yourself move and paying attention to your body, which you will carry out into your day.

Throughout Yoga, you are connecting your mind to the movements that you are performing and through this, you achieve mind-body connection. You are able to focus on your body, how it feels, moves and stretches and this is carried through your body where you are able to ‘check in’ with yourself. This practice improves my mindful eating and as I connect to my strong, healthy body, I feel at ease, happy and beautiful. Yoga encourages you to ask yourself questions, are you breathing fully? Are you balanced? Can you soften a pose and be kinder to yourself? All these questions can lead to breakthroughs later in your day like ‘why are you eating right now?’. It is because you’re hungry or board? … How can you be more loving and kind to yourself when you stand in front of the mirror as you get out of the shower at night? Keep these questions open ended, and like your talking to the 5-year-old version of yourself.


Having a negative perception of yourself is usually the result of disconnect. The mind begins to spin when it isn’t connected with your body, comparing your thighs to models, counting calories from lunch or finding something to complain about in the mirror, instead of being grateful for what you have. When you really become present in yoga, these thoughts slow down and without even realising it, they are gone and you are focusing on your practice. It’s truly amazing.


Yoga isn’t about hard, fast and ‘perfect’ movements like some HIIT classes or boxing. Instead, it is about fun. Switching up poses, trying new things – that’s what yoga is about. When you adopt this practice, you will find those stressful situations are no longer stressful, and you are able to lighten up your attitude.


Overall, when I am practising yoga, moving and stretching my body, I feel strong, sexy and beautiful. 


If you want to heal your relationship with food, also try using some of my positive affirmation cards! Just download, print and stick them in your fridge and pantry!

Your Easter Menu Sorted


  1. Hot Cross Buns – cause these are an Easter MUST
    hot x buns
  2. Hot cross Buns Pancakes – So you get the taste of easter for breakfasthot x buns pancakes
  3. Raw Butter Filled Easter Eggs – who said you couldn’t have Easter eggs if you were sugar-free?
    easter eggs
  4. Carrot cake – let’s be honest, it’s good all year round
    Carrot Cake
  5. Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder with Cauliflower-Cucumber Tabouli – this is the perfect entertaining meal without the fussslow cooked lamb
  6. Whole Roasted Chook – another delicious, low fuss meal that is perfect for entertaining
    roasted chicken


4 things you NEED to do to stay healthy at uni/work

I have definitely found over time that uni/school/work can result in me eating more food when I come home and you can read about how I have tackled this here.
BUT I have also ensured that I follow these 3 steps to prepare me for a healthy day at uni.

  1. Pack enough food. Don’t get skimpy and for god sakes DO NOT pack only a small lunch so you think you’ll eat less during the day (in an attempt to lose weight- that’s stupid)….has that actually ever worked? When I used to do that, I would just come home and binge eat because I would be so starving.
    I always cook extra veggies at dinner the night before and then pack my lunch as I am making my dinner. Recipes that are perfect to carry as lunch:
    My Sushi Bowl
    My breakfast salad (you can swap the eggs for some chicken or other meat)
    My meatballs and crunchy slaw with  tahini dressing
    Israeli Meatball Bowl
    Detox Salad

  2. Prepare snacks if you are a snack person. Whilst, I prefer to advocate for 3 big meals each day as it is better for your digestive system and metabolism if you are hungry and need a snack, eat the fucking snack of you’ll binge later. Great snacks are veggie sticks and pesto or veggie sticks and some of my tahini dip. Alternatively, you can go for my sweet options which are still hella-healthy and full of good fats.
  3. ALWAYS meal plan! We make about 35, 000 decisions each day and whilst you might think ‘no way’, we actually do. From what underwear to choose, to whether or not to get into bed, to what to make for dinner. By creating a meal plan at the beginning of each week, you are setting yourself up for success. I find, that by already choosing my meals (especially for dinner) in advance, I am less likely to choose something more convenient and more likely to choose something healthy and nutrient dense!
  4. From your meal plan, spend 1-2 hours in the kitchen on the weekend to do some food prep. This is a make or break situation. By doing meal prep, you are able to come home and throw your already chopped veggies in the oven or pan, and save time. By not having your veggies already chopped, you may turn to something easier like toast and PB. Additionally, I like to make part of my meals and freeze them. Great freezer meals include meatballs and Spag bol and meals that can be reduced in time by doing the prep before hand are here 

How I am tackling stress eating and have included an ‘ indulgence self care’ night once a week

I know I’m not the only one that will come home from uni/work/school, tired, irritable and HUNGRY ….but wait are you actually hungry? hmmmm…. nope but you’re tired and like ughhhhh so you want food.

Or you’ve had a stressful and BIG ass day so as you are watching TV that night, you just want something yummy to snack on too. My favourite is definitely toasted coconut chips, my homemade chocolate or coconut butter. Whatever your snack is (as long as it is healthy), I got your back sista.

Truth is, this happens to me sometimes. Once I hit that couch after a seriously exhausting day at uni and I’m stressed and tired, I just want to eat something yummy and nibble-y and crash big time. BUT the problem is, that once I’ve eaten half a bag of coconut chips, I go to bed feeling full and yucky…and worse – I hate myself for doing that!

hate myself for doing that! I feel guilty and resent what I just chose to do.

SO! I am taking action. Whilst I go through phases of good times, and restricting myself to not being allowed to snack after dinner for 2, or 3 weeks….You just make yourself want it more and when that ‘date’ comes that you said you could treat yourself, you end up going all out….then you feel guilty, and then the WHOLE CYCLE CONTINUES.

I have knuckled down on figuring out my ‘why’. That is, finding out WHY is it that I occasionally turn to the snacks after dinner, and HOW I can reduce this.

So, the WHY = stress, tired, grumpy.


and HOW am I going to resolve this? Well with figuring out that stress and being tired are the major culprits, I know that I need to do something that will help to reduce my stress and help me feel more at one with my body and just relax a bit.

Thursdays are HUGE days at uni for me. An early start and a late finish so I come home and am ready to eat a horse and chase the rider. This is what I’m doing to reduce that:

  • come home —> legs up the wall—> 5 mins medi (or legs up wall AND 5 mins medi at the same time)—> have a shower before dinner—> have a big dinner, eat mindfully and make sure I leave the table full.


Legs up the wall calms your nervous system and helps your body enter into a state of relaxation. It is incredibly detoxifying.

My 5 mins medi helps me to calm down, relax and de-stress from my big day. I am able to re-connect my mind, body and spirit and ground myself. My thoughts are clearer and I am more in tune with my body. This, therefore, reduces my want to flop on the sofa and eat coconut chips all night long.

Having a big dinner also reduces the need to nibble on anything before I go to bed. If I finish dinner and am not satisfied then an hour or 2 later I’ll want food and then it just goes downhill from there. Filling myself up at dinner with tonnes of veggies and fats reduces any cravings

Friday night is my ‘indulgence in self-care’ night or my ‘mindful cleanse’ as I like to call it. While it is my ‘indulgence’ night…I don’t want you thinking I am indulging in fast food or junk. Everything I eat is always doing something beneficial for my body whether I am indulging or not. My ‘indulgence’ just includes something after dinner that I wouldn’t normally have and it is more for my mental wellbeing that anything.

After a busy and exhausting week, you deserve to be able to sit on the

sofa, watch your favourite show and eat one of your favourite [healthy]

foods without ANY shame.

If you feel as though you can’t do this, then there are deeper issues affecting your relationship with food. Don’t ever feel guilty about what you eat because it is YOUR CHOICE what you put in your mouth and you have the power to make every meal nourishing and those that are not so nourishing, eat mindfully, with ease and ENJOY and SAVOUR it! It’s special!

Now, before I dive into my Friday night taste bud party, I have put in place a routine I do when I come home to wind down and again (like Thursday) make more mindful choices around food. Doing these things helps me to stop at one small bowl of toasted coconut chips with a drizzle of homemade raw chocolate, rather than having 3. Plus, I go to bed with NO GUILT for having indulged because I made the decision mindfully and in a clear mental state. I wasn’t stressed, tired or grumpy. I was calm, relaxed and my mind was clear. If I am stressed, tired or grumpy then I don’t allow myself to have my indulgence, and I’ll have it Saturday night instead.

Friday nights:

come home—> shower—> legs up the wall and meditate at the same time —> dinner (again have a dinner where I finish being FULL…this means I can fit less of my ‘mindful cleanse’ into my tummy hehe)—-> make snack—> pack up the snack straight after I have finished making it—> tea for the rest of the night


Shower – It helps me to literally wash off the day. If bad things have happened, they have been washed off me. It is refreshing and a very calming thing to do when you get home to clear your mind.

Legs up the wall/meditate – same as Thursday

Dinner- again same as Thursday and by having a big dinner I am less likely to eat more of my indulgence because I am already satisfied from dinner. Whereas if I was to have a small dinner, I then am able to have more of my treat and get carried away

Pack up straight after – this is to reduce me going and making more. If it is already clean and tidy I’m less likely to go make a mess again

Tea – I love to enjoy tea every night and so after my treat, I’ll do just that!

Also, another KEY thing that you must keep in mind. The more you say to yourself “I can’t have that” or “no, I said I wasn’t allow that until next week” or “that will make my fat” or “no I shouldn’t have that” you will want it MORE!!!!!

It’s human nature for you to rebel when someone says ‘no’. This is including when you say no to yourself.
INSTEAD: I want you to say ‘I could have some, but in 5 minutes” (chances are your craving will go away, you’ll forget or you’ll get sidetracked” or “I’ll get some in a sec, I can’t be bothered” or “I don’t really feel like any” …I find all of these affirmations much more helpful when you know that you have had enough food and are just having an annoying craving (we all get them!)

I hope this routine may help you also reduce any stress eating habit you have. Give it a go and let me know! x


The ingredient in just about every packaged/bought thing that is killing you

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It’s hard these days to get honest products on the supermarket shelves that aren’t trying to kill you. People are starting to become aware of the danger of sugar, but many are still lacking the knowledge of the difference between good and bad fats. It is SO SO SOOOO important to avoid at all costs, toxic fats. I’m talking about the fats that are found in literally every item in the supermarket these days. Vegetable/seed oils.

This includes canola, cottonseed oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, rice bran oil, soybean oil..basically every oil that isn’t olive oil or coconut oil (they’re fruits) or organic/grass fed animal fat. 


Here’s a dot point version of why you must avoid these toxic fats at all costs:

  • Industrial fat products are toxic to our arteries because they contain delicate polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) that are prone to oxidative damage, especially when exposed to heat and when removed from the antioxidants that would otherwise help to protect the from that oxidative damage.

  • Vegetable oils depletes your brain of its antioxidants

  • Vegetable oils impair brain development through direct mutagenic effects on DNA 

  • It turns our immune system against us, causing food and diseases to trigger nerve degenerating reactions 

  • It impacts the gut thus impacting the brain. 

  • Vegetable oils make your brain more susceptible to damage by sugar

  • Your blood vessels cannot work correctly after you have eaten vegetable oil

  • Vegetable oil destroys complex nutrients and will deposit loads of bad fats into your tissues where they can find a spot and blast your tissues with free radicals 

  • Free radicals make your arteries extremely crispy and they generate inflammation – think about fried chicken skin … it tears more easily than raw chicken skin right? Well free radicals make the arterial wall into a kind of crunchy crispy chicken skin. Now the artery can easily rupture and bleed. If your blood ever comes in contact with collagen directly, it will clot, causing a heart attack or stroke, it’s not fat that shuts off the blood flow.

  • After you eat these distorted fatty acids, they can reproduce inside you – creating more free radicals

  • One of the initial steps in making vegetable oil involves the use of hexane, a component of gasoline. It then takes 20 or so stages to bleach and deodorise the dark, gunky crap

  • Vegetable oils can disrupt normal metabolism so badly that a child’s dynamic symmetry is lost and the skeletal proportions become imbalanced

  • If you eat enough trans fats, cellular dysfunction will impair so many cells in so many tissues that the cumulative effects will disrupt basic function like blood circulation and eventually kill you 

  • Heart disease is now the number one cause of death in both men and women and vegetable oil has gone up 5 fold in the past century – they are both linked

  • And this is only the HALF of the reasons why you NEED to avoid vegetable oil at all costs. 

Why you should eat healthy fats: 

  • Prior to Ancel Keys campaign, people ate far more saturated fat and cholesterol rich foods than we do today and heart attacks were so rare they were almost unheard of.

  • A meal complete with organic/grass fed and finished animal fat actually helps up absorb and taste other nutrients. This is why butter and olive oil makes things taste so good. And because animal fats contain cholesterol – a natural appetite suppressant- they satisfy us in a way that little else can 

  • Traditional cooking methods make nutrients more bioavailable and are thus anti-inflammatory 

  • Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat-soluble and therefore need to be eaten with fat. Think olive oil on your greens or roasting veggies in coconut oil. 

  • Look at the monounsaturated fat content that the Mediterranean diet has and the low prevalence of chronic disease.

  • Fats can help you to lose weight and reduce the risk of obesity

  • Omega 3 fats help reduce inflammation 

  • Your brain is made up of 60% fat so guess what?! Your brain NEEDS FATS!!! 

Where the culprit lives: 

  • Margarine

  • Salad dressing

  • Hummus

  • Crackers

  • Chips

  • Chocolate

  • Soy based products 

  • Breakfast cereals

  • Oil roasted nuts 

  • Any fried food

  • Store-bought pesto 

  • Granola

  • Bread, muffins, cakes

  • Restaurants/cafes cook with it 

  • I’ve even found it in Canning’s Butcher bacon!! (Which breaks my heart because they have done a great job ethically raising the pig, and providing free range pork, and then they just make the meat toxic!) 

  • Store bought meals

  • Curry paste