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I have been suffering with heavy, horrendous periods for as long as I can remember, and finally, I now have a manageable period! Monica has taught me SO MUCH about the power in our cycle, why it is important and decoding what your period is telling you. Finally, a result that is sustainable in the long term, and i understand why my body was giving me such a heavy period! Monica’s education-based approach actually makes you motivated to be healthier and look after your body. I can’t thank her enough.

Sarah, Melbourne

I’ve had period pain pretty much since my very first period at 12 years old. Every single month, I would get such horrible cramping that it was truly impossible for me to go to school or work. It was something that made my life miserable and made me hate my own body for betraying me. Over the years, I saw a number of doctors and gynocologists about the problem. All of them simply wrote me off and just prescribed me birth control which left me feeling nauseous and barely helped with the pain. At 21, I was told the only fix for my pain was to get a total hysterectomy. After breaking down crying in my car, I knew I had to find someone out there who wouldn’t view me as a lost cause. Introducing the lovely Monica. Almost instantly after viewing her website, I knew she was the coach for me. After our first call together, I felt like I was walking on air. FINALLY, someone actually listened to me and genuinely wanted to help me. She understood my physical and emotional pain and together we started working on a plan to heal the root cause. She is unbelievably knowledgeable in this subject and had a ton of great ideas on how to tackle the problem. While I still have a bit to go to totally heal myself, after just two months of working together, my body feels better than ever. My period is drastically better in every way thanks to Monica. If you’re thinking about hiring her, DO IT. Please. You are absolutely worth it and there truly is no better coach.

Miranda, Arizona

Monica is one of the best coaches I have ever come across. I’ve worked with many other professionals before and none of which have been able to bring to light my issues like she has. I had no conscious awareness of the crap going on in my brain and with Monica’s help, I am so much freer! I honestly cannot recommend her enough. She is so talented and has helped me connect to my Divine Feminine like no one else. I am always feeling so free and amazing after our sessions and believe that everyone can benefit from working with her because we all carry SO MUCH conditioning and baggage.

Tayler, Melbourne

Monica’s approach to coaching is unique and effective. She doesn’t beat around the bush, she’s realistic and she helps you in a way that is sustainable for your lifestyle. The goals that i would set in each session were do-able and easy to implement. I loved the way that she was so supported but also gave some tough love when needed. She is an absolute wealth of knowledge and it’s fabulous to be helped by someone that is so passionate. Her advice, wisdom, and intelligence is inspiring and her down-to-earth and very REAL approach is so refreshing. Everyone needs a Monica!!!

Yas, Brisbane

Coaching with Monica has been genuinely one of the best decisions that I’ve had in my life for a while. Whereas previously I felt ‘alone’ in the world and life feels kinda empty, she’s able to transform that completely just within a couple of weeks. In our sessions and our chats, I constantly feel guidance, support and that feeling of having a warm hug from someone who cares for you. Thanks to her, I feel like a totally different person and my perspective towards life has changed in a good, most amazing way. Not only does she keeps helping me in healing my relationship with food, she also helps me in healing my relationship with myself and my soul (like introducing me to meditation, which is truly life-changing). Looking back at myself a couple of months ago where I was not in a ‘good’ place, I feel so happy of how far I’ve got and felt so good about myself and the body I am blessed with. And it is all thanks to her

Ayu, Japan

I followed Monica for a while before we started our coaching sessions. At first, I was a little hesitant, after all, i already followed so many coaching and therapy sessions over the last 20 years, without results, why would this coaching be any different. But I was wrong. Coaching with Monica has been the best thing that happened to me and changed my life in such positive way, and even more amazing, in such a short period of time.

I am from the Netherlands (Europe) and we skype every week for an hour. And although she is sitting on the other side of the world, it felt very close and very personal. No matter the distance. And i can honestly say, after 4 sessions, i already felt a completely different person.

When we started our coaching, i was a mess. I was anything but a happy, had no self confidence.I was scared, lonely, feeling i was not worthy and had a very bad relationship with my body and food.

What makes Monica’s coaching so special is her no-nonsense approach, she is supportive and loving, but she also pushes you out of your comfort zone. And yes, it wasn’t always easy, but she made see that by stepping out of your comfort zone, that is where the magic happens.

I was so stuck in my (unhappy) comfort zone, but so scared to change, but thanks to Monica, I did and it has been life changing.

Petra , Netherlands

Ahhh I’m so happy I followed the wee ping inside that said “work with Monica” – you’ve been so incredible in my healing and yes today was such an unexpected and amazing release. You are totally living your calling

Hannah, New Zealand

Wow, that session was something else!  It was not what I was expecting but I fully embrace your process, knowledge and understanding.  I did not anticipate crying and feeling all those emotions from past lives which I had never addressed.


I think I’m feeling overwhelmed but also in awe!  Thank you so much for being very responsive online and going over scheduled time for me too.


Sophie, Sydney

You made me feel super comfortable straight away in our session you have a wonderful way of just making everything “awkward” so not!

I’ve been doing this for 5 weeks + now and I have not had a migraine, which is fantastic for someone who suffers from chronic migraines

I could honestly write so much about how you have helped me to feel like a woman again and just regain a happy and healthy me, I’m so into self care and I love sharing my new found healthy lifestyle with the people I love,

I’ve had comments like “You look so well”, “You’re doing such a good job at eating better”!

Caitlin, Adelaide

This is the first time I’m actually committed to my health and feel like i can stick with it and want to be healthy and not just thin!!  Thinking of a baby next year I think is definitely my motivator but glad I’ve also discovered more of a sense of self love in the process!


So Thank you so much for your ongoing support and all your wisdom you share with everyone xx

Kim, Melbourne
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