Are you sick of having painful periods?

Are you able to go off the pill but don’t know what the hell to expect?

Are you missing your period?

Are you just fricken confused about your period?


I can help! 


So many of you beautiful women send me questions daily about your period and cycle and whilst I try and write back to you with as much info as possible … I know that it’s not enough. So I’ve created ‘strategy sessions’ to help with this!


What’s a ‘Strategy Session?’

Basically, it is a one-off session where we will have a video call and discuss all your period related questions and concerns. I will give you advice, tips, and tricks and you can go away and do as much or as little of this as you would like to. You will leave the sessions feeling empowered and inspired about being a woman.


Because your cycle can take a long time to adjust to changes that you make, a one-off session means that you can go away, see how these changes work and come back for another session down the track if you need.


These sessions basically help you to clear up your confusion and have a steady pathway that suits YOUR lifestyle and preferences.

And let’s remember that we often go to our GP, throwing out money for 15 minutes of being told….not much! When you see me, you get 4x the amount of time than the average doctors appointment for LESS of a cost!

Sound good?

Drop me an email at or book below and let’s get started!



$80* for a 60-minute session. If you would like longer, just let me know! 

*price not inclusive of GST