the healthy girls guide to not getting hungover

What I drank: My biggest tip (and most people know this) is stick to one drink throughout the night – don’t mix. So my #1 choice (because it literally is as healthy as alcohol can get) is vodka, lime and soda water. Do not get tonic water – this contains sugar. It also means that you are getting some hydration at the same time (from the soda water) unlike drinking cocktails or wine.

Before I went out: Have a good dinner that will keep you satiated for the whole night. I would never be tempted by processed foods, but many people do get tempted especially after a few drinks. So have a filling dinner before you leave. My staple is guacamole, sweet potato, green veggies, olive oil and a fried egg –> Lots of fat and liver to help my liver detoxify the alcohol.

When I got home: 

  • Drink 2 big glasses of water
  • Take 1 activated B6 supplement (to recover more quickly from dehydration)
  • 1 teaspoon of C-Max in filtered water (it’s a very potent form of vitamin c which is a powerful antioxidant to combat the stress to your cells)
  • 1 spray of Liposomal Glutathione under your tongue before bed (This supports liver detoxification and is a key antioxidant that plays a big role in the maintenance of the cellular redox (short for reduction–oxidation reaction) state and reduces oxidative stress in the body)
  • Eat some fat and carbs (in the form of veggies) – I ate a couple of tablespoons of almond butter on some leftover sweet potato toast from dinner. By eating something like this when I get home, it also means that I don’t wake up STARVING and then binge eat (on something healthy) first thing in the morning because I’m ravishing.

In the morning after I woke up: 

  • Get up and go for a walk. Even if you don’t want to, just go. This is literally the only time I tell you to not listen to your body and just exercise. By going for a power walk (which isn’t anything strenuous) you will wake up your body and mind which starts to boost the detoxification pathways. Exercising boosts brain functions so it will help you to actually have a brain for the day (I usually lose mine when I’m hungover)
  • Make a BIG breakfast with lots of veggies, some eggs for protein and 1/2 an avocado for fat. Roast up Brussels, asparagus, cauliflower, zucchini, mushrooms and sautee some leafy greens in coconut oil or ghee. This is probably the best liver cleansing breakfast you could have. Make sure to include Brassica vegetables and green leafy veggies along with your poached eggs and avocado for maximum detoxification.
    • Having a BIG breakfast will help to keep cravings at bay for the rest of the day
    • Try this recipe 
  • DRINK, DRINK, DRINK. I try to drink more water than usual throughout the day (not tea) and include lemon juice in your water to aid in the elimination of toxins
  • Have 1 spray of Liposomal Glutathione under your tongue
  • Have a nap at 12 noon to keep you going. If you end up getting super tired you are going to be unproductive and probably turn to food. Being sleep deprived can disrupt two of your hormones that are responsible for hunger- ghrelin, and leptin. When you do not get adequate sleep, the body makes more ghrelin and less leptin, leaving you hungry and increasing your appetite.

Also, please note that I wasn’t really drunk – I was just tipsy but it was enough that I would have definitely woken up hungover if I didn’t take these supplements. If I have one drink I usually wake up hungover, so having 4 was guaranteed for a disaster day if these supplements didn’t work.