hello beautiful

Monica Yates


I’m obsessed with

– Eggs and Avo

– Making vegetables taste anything BUT bland

– My two beautiful doggies; Panda and Peanut

– The yogi lifestyle

– Coconut butter

– Reading about nutrition

– Suits (as in the show)

Where you that girl or boy that would count calories and burn your ass off at the gym just to get ‘skinny’?

The one that would pack a small lunch to take to school/uni/work but then come home RAVASHING?

Because I was that girl. I was the ‘healthy’ girl in school … however not really all that healthy. I was what the media called ‘healthy’…calorie counting, having low fat, having WAY too much fruit…

  • I would bring a pathetic rabbit food salad to lunch, drink a cup of coffee the size of my head for morning tea to suppress my appetite, binge eat when I got home because I was THAT starving from basically not even eating lunch, and then go workout on the cross-trainer until I burnt 600 calories thinking that would make me thin.
  • At the end of year 12 went on an egg and watermelon diet to ensure I would look hot for our year 12 formal. Stupid, I know.
  • THEN while living in Whistler for 3 months in a house with 18-20 year olds and no parents, I became a ski instructor, drank A LOT, ate a lot of ‘healthy’ food like honey, rice crackers, jam and just peanuts-peanut butter, oats, and gluten free pasta? But that’s okay right because I was exercising (skiing) every day? Oh and I was drinking vodka and cranberry juice which is healthy cause it’s fruit, right? And vodka has the least calories for alcoholic beverages. WRONG.
  • Once I arrived in New York I had my lightbulb moment when my boyfriend jeans were no longer a ‘boyfriend’ fit. While I had only gained maybe 3-5 kgs, it was enough for me to change my habits.
  • I was getting sharp pains in my ovaries too, and was being told I might have endometriosis.
  • Once in London, I went back to my healthy self that I had been all throughout school. I stopped drinking because I wasn’t having a billion other youngsters around me and I started paying attention to eating better, making salads that I would eat out of a giant mixing bowl and posting them on snapchat to my friends. After continuing this for weeks, my friend asked me to create a blog so she could stop asking for my recipes. (Thanks Steph!)
  • While being bored one day I decided to read Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar book from front to back and had my big ‘ah-ha’ moment…so you know all the honey, fruit and jam I was eating? Yeah not so great after all….
  • I became obsessed with the idea of how humans are meant to eat. Living a no sugar lifestyle and eating real food.
  • My weight fell off like the clappers, plus some more, oh and then some MORE! All that stubborn weight that I thought I could never loose, just left me with no problems…. WITHOUT killing myself to burn 600 calories on the cross trainer and eating rabbit food
  • My pains in my ovaries left me and I travelled Europe for a month WHILE being sugar free
  • I developed the knowledge, tactics and passion for helping others achieve their true weight and adopting a healthy lifestyle without any deprivation or pumping out 600 calories at the gym

Since starting on my journey of eating real food, I have also been through one of the hardest things I think anyone could ever go through. I had jaw surgery. No major change in my face, but the pain both physically and emotionally was enough. While this was one of the hardest times, I also learnt so much about the power of the body, mind and your soul to heal you.

My diet that was full of healing food, helped me to recover faster than the leading surgeon and orthodontist in Victoria, Australia has ever seen. So much so he has used my procedure as an incredible example at a world conference. I give all my thanks to my diet and my mindful mindset through this healing period. If I hadn’t been eating the way I was, it would have taken me double, if not triple the amount of time to heal. And let me tell you, seeing your face as I saw mine – is indescribable.

My diet is heavily evolved around a real food, plant based diet. I don’t eat gluten or sugar (fructose) and I eat what I want, when I want and I don’t count calories. I treat myself, with healthy baked treats and I eat FAT! When you eat the way humans are meant to eat, you will thrive. People ask me what I eat when I crave ‘x’…. well; 1) I never crave ‘x’ (usually junk) and 2) I only ever crave real, nourishing food.

And then I realised all the help I could provide to people:

  • where food related illnesses are making up a very large chunk of disease
  • where our children are the first generation in human history to have a shorter life span than us
  • where dieting has become a ‘trend’ and women are beating themselves up as they eat, or rather don’t eat and fertility problems are through the roof
With knowing all that is going on in our world related to health and wellness, I can’t just sit here and do nothing! I want to help YOU. I want to inspire YOU. I want to guide YOU to a happier, healthier and more vibrant lifestyle.

So there you have it, my short (yet still so long!) story of how I came to be exactly where I am right now.

I hope that I can provide you with some insight, and inspiration into this truly amazing lifestyle through my blog, or meet you through my health coaching work.

Thank you beautiful,